Ludwig: 05

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Reader POV, Scene: Bedroom

I gasped deeply, shooting into an upright position.

Reader: Haaa...

I let out a shaky exhale, tears pricking my eyes. I swallowed the lump in my throat yet it wouldn't leave, my fear deeply lodged.

I jumped out of bed, unable to stand the sensation anymore.

I had to get up-had to get out of the last grasp of that dream. Yet that glowing envisage called out to me, foreign yet equally known. I yearned for the comfort that it had briefly provided me with, and before I knew it, I was standing before Ludwig's door.

He could very well shoo me away or bark at me for disturbing his sleep yet I have no other choice. The too terrifying.


I could hear rustles from the other side of the door, footsteps padding across carpet before revealing themselves.

Ludwig: you have any idea what time it is?

He asked, albeit more tired than angry.

Reader: I'm sorry. I...

Telling him I had a bad dream was impossible. He'd merely call me childish and slam the door in my face. But what else could I say? I can't have that happen.

Ludwig: ...You're trembling.

I hadn't noticed my body shaking, hands tightly curled up into fists over my chest.

Ludwig: Come inside quickly.

He stepped to the side, allowing me to enter his bedroom before closing the door behind us.

What now?

We both stood in the dark, an awkward air surrounding us. He turned towards me, placing a large hand on my forearm.

Ludwig: You don't have to say anything. You can stay here until you feel better.

I nodded, doubting if I tried to say something that it would come out at all. His hand was still on my arm, his brow faintly scrunched in worry.

Worry? Ah, that's right.

Despite Ludwig's tough and militaristic demeanor he shows compassion to those who need it. When I was ordered to clean and had fell he caught me before I hit the ground. Whether he was worried his 'prey' would be hurt or if he saw me as a person I wasn't completely sure, though would he try comforting me if he believed I was merely food?

Noticing me looking at his hand he removed it, awkwardly angling his body away from mine.

Reader: Thank you, Ludwig. Being here with you, I feel much more relaxed.

I smiled small, honestly meaning my words. The memory of his hand on my arm was fresh, filling me with a warm sensation. For him to go that far for me...

Reader: I think I'll head back now-

Ludwig: If you're worried about bothering my rest don't. You can sit on the edge of the bed while I sleep, if you like. Only if absolutely necessary, of course.

I sat on the edge of the bed, sinking into the mattress. He slid under the covers, facing away from me. It won't hurt to stay a little while, I suppose. A smile tugged at my lips, grateful for the man lightly snoozing next to me. With him by my side I knew the monster from my dream could never hurt me again. 

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