Kiku: 02

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- M o n o l o g u e: Kiku -

She means nothing to me.

I repeat this to myself,

yet the words do not match my actions.


I am beginning to waver.

Even if I deny the facts,

her existence is slowly making its mark.

- *** -

The vampires and I are all seated around a massive dining table. I cannot believe how peacefully everyone is eating.

               Arthur speaks up, "Francis, would you mind removing that hideous jacket from your shoulders? It really is an eyesore."

"Excuse me? This jacket is more in-style than any of yours!"

                 "Well...," Alfred admits, "He sort of has a point."

"Are you all on that curly-haired berk's side?"

                  "Maybe." Ivan mumbles.

I can't help but laugh--although these should be feared, cold-blooded creatures, they remind me of home; their early morning bantering really makes them seem like a family!

                 Kiku turns to me, "Why are you laughing?"

"W-well, I noticed that you are all really close, almost like a family... Are you possibly blood related?"

Everyone bursts into laughter. Flustered, I stare down at my hands.

Yao seems flabbergasted, looking at me incredulously, "We do not even look alike. Are you really that airheaded?"

Ludwig snorts, " Airheaded indeed. We aren't blood related, but simply childhood friends. A bond that can never be broken, much like a family's bond."

"So... because of that bond, you all moved in together?"

"Yes. Sticking together is the best route, as vampires. We all feel the safest near each other."

The room becomes still, and the laughter disappears. I wonder what might have happened in the past.

Kiku turns to me, stony faced, "You're done eating, right? Follow me."

He suddenly pulls me away from the group into the kitchen. As I look around, I notice that even their kitchen is stylish and neat. It was probably designed by the vampires themselves.

"We've given you a place to stay, with food, clothes, and lively company. So you should be grateful enough to do things for me, no?"

Eh... I think I'm beginning to understand what's going on--and I don't like it.


" ...Oh."

He wants me to open my shirt collar for him, doesn't he?! I immediately cover it with my hands, stepping away from the vampire.

"Pfft--what are you doing? Stop glaring and open the fridge."

Wait, what? The fridge? How embarrassing... I assumed he wanted my blood. I decide not to ask any questions and hesitantly open it.

"Woah... there are a lot of sweets in here."

"Of course! Cakes, chocolates, pastries, ice cream, pies--you name it. Each and every dessert is especially ordered by me."

"You're a sweet tooth, I see..."

"I guess you could say that. Wait, that's not the point! Since we've done so much for you, you're going to have to return the favor. By specially delivering my desserts, of course."

"Excuse me?!"

"My room is closest to the kitchen, and right across yours, so it won't be that much of a walk. Oh, and make sure you memorize where every food item is located, for quick access. Hurry up and bring me some cake!"

I can't believe he is actually expecting me to do this. I am the daughter of a wealthy businessman, not a servant!

"Aww, she's frowning. How cute."

"Stop being sarcastic! And I will not be treated like some servant girl! Mn--?!"

Without warning, Kiku stuffs a piece of cake in my mouth. My scowl doesn't vanish.

"How annoying. I could break you in seconds but I'm being patient with you....Well, seeing your angry face is a treat!"

Eh? The always frowning Kiku Honda is... laughing?!

"Heh, I'll be waiting."

Somehow, even if his words hurt, it's really nice seeing him smile. I suppose delivering his sweets won't hurt, after all.

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