Alfred: 03

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M O N O L O G U E: Alfred

Never had I thought I'd see those eyes again. Round, wide, curious and kind. Too kind. Haven't they learned anything? The world is a horrible, decaying place full of rotten people. It'd be better if they had come to resent me.

I yearn to be torn apart by them, for them to reveal the true monster lurking inside me.

I listen to the clock tick and tock the time away, eyes entranced by the pendulum as if it could hypnotize me into a false happiness, yet it's unable to touch the present as much as the past. Everything is their fault. They took everything from me, including my humanity.


As much as I don't like to admit, a few days have gone by, resulting in some semblance of normalcy. The vampires do as they please, which generally consists of ignoring my presence altogether. They were the ones who threatened to kill me if I left! After making such a huge deal of me being the 'Chosen' this is how they treat me?! Even Alfred is barely around; If I do see him it's a brief passing in one of the numerous hallways.

I'm starting to doubt how serious they are about keeping me here...Though the possible consequences are currently keeping my actions in check. I suppose I can understand why the other vampires don't care much anymore. But Alfred...he's my 'soulmate', or so they say. I've always cherished him from my childhood so it's unthinkable to just throw that away. Though...that's exactly what he's done.

I let out a sigh, sitting in the living room. The house seems empty, though it's so large it's impossible to tell who is here or not. If he's here, he's most likely hiding from me in his room. Am I that much of a nuisance? I frowned, shaking the doubt away. He'll have to deal with me sooner or later! So why not sooner?

I headed off to the kitchen, opening up the large pantry door, revealing food lining shelves from top to bottom. I guess they're more human than I first thought. Stepping further inside I surveyed the shelves, standing on my tiptoes to see the very top.


I grabbed the plastic container, clutching it to my chest. Setting it down on the counter I grabbed two glasses and reached into the stainless steel fridge, milk ice cold in my hand. There's no way he can resist this!

Rounding the hallway corner I swiftly knocked on the door, not about to let any creeping doubts slow me down.

                   "It's open." He called.

"U-um, could you open it then?"

"What? Open it yourself."

"I would if I could! But my hands are"-

The door suddenly thrusted open, revealing a frowning Alfred.

"What do you want?"

"I brought snacks! It's your favorite, chocolate chip cookies and cold milk."

His expression didn't change, gaze making me shift uncomfortably.

"I thought that we-that we could eat together, like we used to as"-

"You thought wrong. I have enough on my plate to deal with other than entertaining you."

My chest...It's tight and it hurts. Maybe he didn't mean it, he's just stressed out.

"O-oh. I can leave them here if you'd like"-

He let out a sharp huff, "You don't get it, do you? You must be an idiot since I have to keep repeating myself. Forget about the past. You're building up our friendship more than it really was. You're annoying."

...building up? I thought our friendship was mutual. We had so much fun back then, didn't we? Maybe I have disillusioned myself. I quickly turned on my heel, walking away from the stranger before me.  

{A/N: So much for these being I've decided to keep the formatting and having each part be a scene, instead of a chapter with lots of breaks. The more 'intense' things get the longer the parts will most likely be. And don't worry! He's not being a jerk for no reason, though I must say it's rather misplaced ;-;}

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