New Units - 2p!Hetalia x Reader by RoseFiammotta
New Units - 2p!Hetalia x Readerby rose
She really thought it was just going to be a small package or maybe even a small box, but she really didn't expect two life changing crates... 2p!Hetalia X Reader Cover...
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Affection:Hetalia X Reader by thatssolame1234
Affection:Hetalia X Readerby Shiro-Ame Senpai
(Your name) (Last name),a girl whose unfamiliar from the dangers the world might hold--is now under several nations' care:for they found something special in her. And so...
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I Am Useful (Hetalia x reader) by killerkorgy
I Am Useful (Hetalia x reader)by killerkorgy
WW2 had broken out, and laws were being made quickly. Nazis being ordered by Hitler destroyed homes, killed people, and the list goes on... You were kidnapped from home...
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  • ww2
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Hetalia One Shots (CLOSED - DUE TO OPEN AGAIN SOON) by AutocraticDucat
Hetalia One Shots (CLOSED - DUE TO...by Lux
REQUESTS CLOSED Some one shots for Hetalia! ♡I'll write requests for♡ Any!Hetalia x Any!Reader Any!Hetalia x Any!OC Any!Hetalia OC x Any!Reader If you are unsure whether...
  • shots
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A House Full of Company! by Shadowkeyblader1
A House Full of Company!by Shadowkeyblader1
Nekotalia X Reader The wonderful world of Hetalia kitties and Reader-chan!!!
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Every Man For Himself (Pirate!England X Reader) by IAmSmolPotato
Every Man For Himself (Pirate!Engl...by Amara
[CONTAINS A LEMON.. LOOK FOR THE OBVIOUS TITLE] After her pirate father's defeat and France's betrayal, young (Y/N) was anxious to become a pirate herself. She grows to...
  • readerinsert
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60 minutes in Hetalia Christmas Heaven (being Edited and will be continuing) by ForeverADragon101
60 minutes in Hetalia Christmas He...by #ForeverTrainingDragons
Out of you, the 2p countries and 1p countries it is your turn to host the Christmas party 2013. The party is going well, Alfred (1p America) and Allen (2p America) decid...
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Hetalia || Seven minutes in heaven by _Japan_
Hetalia || Seven minutes in heavenby 本田菊
|| Who doesn't like these? ||
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Hidden Memories. (2p France X shy! child.Reader) by XArtisticBishx
Hidden Memories. (2p France X shy...by Random bish
Book 1-3 "(Y/n) due to your Mother's death and you are not assigned to any other guardian. We had got into contact with your Father. You will be now staying with Hi...
  • child2pamericaxchildreader
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Meeting on Hamburger Street (America X Reader) by WaffleNeko
Meeting on Hamburger Street (Ameri...by I n F l o r i d a
[COMPLETED] "A normal and fluffy fanfiction with the Hero." Or so you thought it was... Read about a story of fate, one with many adventures and twists that e...
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★ hetalia imagines! ★ by -ourbasorexia
★ hetalia imagines! ★by ★have a good day★
imagines/one-shots of your favorite personified countries! •welcoming requests! •lowercase intended! ~somehow, with literally 5 reads (and two being my own), I'm 7th in...
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Stupid Little Doctor (Mental Patient Hetalia x Reader) by -Kiwi_Kat-
Stupid Little Doctor (Mental Patie...by -Kiwi_Kat-
They were scared- treated badly. You, were a doctor willing to help anyone and everyone. Yet, will their flaws scare you away. Or are you willing to stay and rot in your...
  • xreader
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Under The Mistletoe {Russia x Reader} by Phantomhive_Butler
Under The Mistletoe {Russia x Read...by Natsu Dragneel's Mate
You are the small country of Andorra. When you meet Russia at your first ever world meeting, you and him instantly beck me friends. But...will it become more?
  • russiaxreader
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Pirate!England X Pirate!Reader~Pirate Clashes by VivianRosette
Pirate!England X Pirate!Reader~Pir...by Vivian Rose
Girls aren't allowed as pirates, except you were a pirate. But the only reason why you are a pirate is because you look like a man. You were in your young adult years, f...
  • pirateenglandxpiratereader
  • pirateenglandxreader
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Mentally and Physically ~ Yandere!Hetalia x Therapist!Reader by ADeadStarsShine
Mentally and Physically ~ Yandere...by - ̗̀❀ мoмιjι ❀ ̖́-
Intelligent, kind, determined, sweetheart of a girl (Y/n) has followed her dream career- becoming a therapist. But her patients are like nothing she has ever dealt with...
  • lemon
  • 2phetalia
  • darkhetalia
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Reality (Fictional!Reader X Hetalia) by Miranhaeun
Reality (Fictional!Reader X Hetali...by Italian Tomato
"Reality" -A TV Series that seems so random, but full of entries about fictional people. The protagonist was (Friend's name), and she was supported by her frie...
  • germany
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  • axis
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Sibling!Hetalia x Sibling!Reader (one-shots) by noyesmaybewhy
Sibling!Hetalia x Sibling!Reader (...by GamelyWitemage
Basically just a bunch of one-shots where the characters are your siblings or something. I wright whatever. [Requests are open] Hope you enjoy, bye!
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Anime Guys x Reader by DisneySenpai
Anime Guys x Readerby Disney
Basically just a giant book of random stories for various anime guys of any show! I get inspiration from the most random things and thus, this book was made. When I star...
  • fanfic
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  • kikuhondaxreader
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Hetalia one-shots by Ellz12
Hetalia one-shotsby Ellz12
I will publish as much as I can, but I work for about twice a month, for misspellings and all other understandings.
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✧ hetalia x reader by moonxbabess
✧ hetalia x readerby ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
This is a piece of shit book don't read it. It's those cringey x reader books that includes all of them clichés, like fem!reader and shit. This is so fucking cringey ew.
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