Nowhere Girl (1p!HetaOni x Gender Neutral!Reader x 2p!HetaOni) by Burple560
Nowhere Girl (1p!HetaOni x Gender...by Maddie
There is no reset button in life. You can't take anything back, nor can you undo it. All of your actions have consequences, and all the things you say and do will have a...
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Stupid Little Doctor (Mental Patient Hetalia x Reader) by -Kiwi_Kat-
Stupid Little Doctor (Mental Patie...by -Kiwi_Kat-
They were scared- treated badly. You, were a doctor willing to help anyone and everyone. Yet, will their flaws scare you away. Or are you willing to stay and rot in your...
  • yandere
  • england
  • xreader
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Equally In Love (Hetalia x Genius Reader) by KimHanMyeong
Equally In Love (Hetalia x Genius...by Kim_Imaginative
Being a genius you are, it's hard to get interact on social community.All alone everyday ,The students bully you as always, in your home as well.Your parents always abus...
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Cheater Hetalia x ReaderOne shot by SouseisekiShinku
Cheater Hetalia x ReaderOne shotby Jiyeonnie—★
Cheater hetalia x reader REQUEST IS .. OPEN?? IDK?
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Night at the World Wide Museum of Hetalia by germanyholyroman13
Night at the World Wide Museum of...by Germany The Holy Roman Empire
Night at the World Wide Museum of Hetalia (Hetalia X Chubby Reader) By: Mykala Rosestar Description: A boring job to most people nowadays is to become a night guard at...
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Reality (Fictional!Reader X Hetalia) by Miranhaeun
Reality (Fictional!Reader X Hetali...by Italian Tomato
"Reality" -A TV Series that seems so random, but full of entries about fictional people. The protagonist was (Friend's name), and she was supported by her frie...
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~ New Boys ~ bully!BTT x loner!bullied!Reader by momoyaharuse
~ New Boys ~ bully!BTT x loner!bul...by Momoya Haruse
The story spins around you, a lonely girl whose parents died in an accident. One day, three boys moved to your class in Hetalia Academy and found interest in you, but un...
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Bully! Hetalia x Bullied! Girly! Reader- Only One by BottomBisexual
Bully! Hetalia x Bullied! Girly! R...by BottomBisexual
⭕DISCLAIMER⭕ Book Cover and the anime Hetalia belong to someone else. However, the fiction story itself is created by me. ⭕WARNING⭕ Some cursing, mentions of sensitive...
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Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetalia Nordics by silverthornes
Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetalia Nordi...by silverthornes
After hearing people saying how much they want to have the nordics in my original boyfriend scenarios, I decided to make them their own separate book. Feel free to m...
  • love
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Hetalia x reader lemons by Maiami_yanato
Hetalia x reader lemonsby Maiami_yanato
My other books gone... oops! Must have deleted I'm not sure but... this ones here so, requests will be taken please vote? ⚠️Warning⚠️ Adult content ?Vote? -don't own an...
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Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetalia by silverthornes
Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetaliaby silverthornes
So what's it like to have a boyfriend? Especially if they are the personifications of countries? Let's find out! Feel free to request and comment. Character requests clo...
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Neko!Hetalia x Reader by AngelinaSmith590
Neko!Hetalia x Readerby Hedgehog Mom
{COMPLETED} THE SEQUEL IS OUT! When you find a basket on your doorstep full of adorable kitties you bite off more than you can chew! Join the Hetalia cats in a series of...
  • angelinasmith590
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Hetalia x reader by ArtemisDoll
Hetalia x readerby Emily
Not taking requests presently maybe in the future
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dream - Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios by kat-meraki
dream - Hetalia Boyfriend Scenariosby k a t
❝ we are all dreamers, wanting to be completely out of touch with reality ❞ ✰☾✰ requests : CLOSED ✘ ⋆ female reader insert ⋆ a collection of scenarios for various Hetali...
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Hetalia boyfriend scenarios  by CjKirklandJones
Hetalia boyfriend scenarios by CjKirklandJones
Title says it all. The countrys in this book will be The Allies The Axis The 2ps More information is on the first chapter. Nothing belongs to me except plot ⚠️REQUEST...
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Hetalia x Child Reader by ender1027
Hetalia x Child Readerby ender1027
This is just a book of Hetalia and Child reader stories.
  • italy
  • aphhetalia
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Hetalia X Reader one shots! (Around the world) by AngelinaSmith590
Hetalia X Reader one shots! (Aroun...by Hedgehog Mom
(REQUESTS CLOSED SORRY!) Ever wondered how to get Norway to smile? Can Prussia be sweet like candy? Maybe you want to help America with his depression? Is Romania a vamp...
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hetalia x Reader  by gustav-the-gay
hetalia x Reader by BI IN BITCH.
This is a piece of shit book don't read it. It's those cringey x reader books that includes all of them clichés, like fem!reader and shit. This is so fucking cringey ew.
  • fluff
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Don't Judge A Girl By Her Country by Supermaxywaxy
Don't Judge A Girl By Her Countryby Cheshire Cat
Ouran High School Host Club/Hetalia crossover. This is an X reader. Y/n is Australia's sister, Otharia. She starts to attend Ouran Academy Disclaimer: I do not own yo...
  • crossover
  • anime
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The Monsters in us all ( Dark!/Yandere! Hetalia x Reader ) by Shini--chan
The Monsters in us all ( Dark!/Yan...by Shini
" Oh dear, look what you have done. Stealing my heart and then acting like it is no big deal. Now you pay the price love. And the price is you!" The stories he...
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  • thefallawards2017
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