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Alstroemeria by MarziaVespucci
Alstroemeriaby gravity hurts
(Highschool AU!Hetalia x Reader) A small country far off the coast of America has been called to World Academy many times throughout her life, what happens when she fina...
Sibling!Hetalia x Sibling!Reader (one-shots) by YouCanTryTo
Sibling!Hetalia x Sibling!Reader (...by YouCannotStopMe
[Requests are open] Basically just a bunch of one-shots where the characters are your siblings or something. I write whatever. I will occasional write a part t...
- New Boys - bully!BTT x loner!bullied!READER by momoyaharuse
- New Boys - bully!BTT x loner!bul...by Momoya Haruse
The story spins around you, a lonely girl whose parents died in an accident. One day, three boys moved to your class in Hetalia Academy and found interest in you, but un...
Run Away Country: Yandere Hetalia x Country reader by jellygirl454
Run Away Country: Yandere Hetalia...by jellygirl454
(Y/N) (L/N), a girl who feels unfulfilled about of being the country (C/N), takes a different route in her life and runs away from her boss and fellow country friends in...
GermanyXHopelessReader by Fauchereve
GermanyXHopelessReaderby Fauchereve
Silence... The silence that cuts through the air like a knife and pulls your hair on end. The silence that (F/N) was currently stuck in. A silence only produced...
Unforgettable ||Canada x Reader|| by visionarygal
Unforgettable ||Canada x Reader||by eumoirous
🍁 Canada x Reader 🍁 ✨Just a long story about (Y/N) and Matthew Williams being cute✨ A story about two strangers, who become friends and finally lovers. (Y/N) starts w...
Deutschland(Germany x Reader) by MikuStoleItalysPasta
Deutschland(Germany x Reader)by Sakura
Life has always been rough on you, so when you lose your job you are forced to move back to your home land, Germany. Just when you think there is nothing left for you, y...
𝐗  𝐑 𝐄 𝐀 𝐃 𝐄 𝐑. hetalia by xmorko
𝐗 𝐑 𝐄 𝐀 𝐃 𝐄 𝐑. hetaliaby ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
in which there are one shots of characters from the hetalia franchise and the reader. i wrote this when i was about twelve and cringey, so beware.
One With Russia by ghoulsEgg
One With Russiaby ghoulsEgg
They hate you. They must hate you. Dying in the school bathroom, you awake in a field of flowers. Sunflowers. *•* This is inspired by the idea that Hetalia is a purg...
Affection:Hetalia X Reader by thatssolame1234
Affection:Hetalia X Readerby Shiro-Ame Senpai
(Your name) (Last name),a girl whose unfamiliar from the dangers the world might hold--is now under several nations' care:for they found something special in her. And so...
Hetalia x reader one shots/imagines/preferences by LvlyItaHungarian
Hetalia x reader one shots/imagine...by LvlyItaHungarian
Ciao lovely readers! This is my first book so please don't kill me. Anyway feel free to request. (I will try to update regularly, but school life sucks and it's Unpredic...
Ouran Highschool Host Club x reader (x hetalia) by Russian_prussian
Ouran Highschool Host Club x reade...by Russian_prussian
Every time (f/n) gets close to someone they die in the hands of a brutally murderer, but why her? No one knows, but each death has turned her cold, and from a nice girl...
Hetalia x Mexico! Reader  by -APH_Mexico_
Hetalia x Mexico! Reader by -APH_Mexico_
(y/n) Gomez, is the personification of Mexico. She is a very tough, hardworking, energetic, young country. She's a nice country, but can turn into a cold blooded person...
My Little Sweetheart | Hetalia x Child! Reader Oneshots by OhayoNishi
My Little Sweetheart | Hetalia x C...by I dont write here anymore :)
I have a broken family, what do I do? I live my family dreams through fictional characters and reader-chan! *sigh* I need to get a life
ƖƝ ƬӇЄ ƊƛƦƘƝЄƧƧ (Original!Yandere!Hetalia x Reader ) by ADeadStarsShine
ƖƝ ƬӇЄ ƊƛƦƘƝЄƧƧ (Original!Yandere...by - ̗̀❀ мoмιjι ❀ ̖́-
EXCERPTS FROM THE STORIES: 2p Japan: "Don't worry, Sakura... You'll grow plenty used to it~" General!America: "Hey now (Y/n)... don't make a fuss....&qu...
《UNDER EDITING》The Naga I Met In My Backyard (Naga England X Reader) by SupernaturalYoutubez
《UNDER EDITING》The Naga I Met In M...by SupernaturalYoutubez
Y/n was only six when she was told the legend of Nagas'. A few days later she sees a naga trapped in the woods. She bring her naga friend back to her house and introduce...
England x Reader by Foofy06
England x Readerby Foofy 06
(Y/n) was a small, weak, little country located right next to England. Her and England were best friends and England promised (Y/n) that nothing bad was ever going to ha...
Reality to Reality | Hetalia x Reader [Episode - Reader Insert] SLOW UPDATES by KrystalSunset118
Reality to Reality | Hetalia x Rea...by Krystal
Follow (Y/N), the personification of the recently discovered country, Amisha, on her eventful journey as she encounters the human representatives of various other countr...
Love hurts~ (Hetalia X readers) by Memethias
Love hurts~ (Hetalia X readers)by Matthias The Meme 💫
Just a bunch of Hetalia X readers I put together~ mostly child! Readers. ^~^ Enjoy!
stardust! ★ hetalia imagines! ★ [requests closed] {VERY RARE UPDATES} by -ourbasorexia
stardust! ★ hetalia imagines! ★ [r...by 𝕥𝕠𝕤𝕜𝕒
imagines/one-shots of your favorite personified countries! •requests closed for now, will probably reopen during school breaks! •lowercase intended! •i'm rarely on wattp...