Ludwig Dark Prologue

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Ludwig: You chose wisely. Certainly, I'll be able to shape you up the best.

I ended up choosing Ludwig because he seems the most logical out of these vampires. However, he is pretty strict and mean, from what I have seen so far... I'm beginning to regret my decision.

Francis: Pfft... How confident! I'm sure ______ is more than willing to come into my arms, instead.

Ivan: Better yet, my own. It isn't possible that you would refuse me, right, ______? Besides, it doesn't make sense for you to choose someone as tough as Ludwig.

Arthur: That's right. Weren't you trying to get out of this situation?

Alfred: That's pretty amusing, actually. You're going to get even more tangled into this mess if you're with Ludwig.

Everyone is staring at me strangely. Have I really made the wrong decision?

Ludwig: All of you, go back to your rooms. I've had enough for one day.

Arthur: Hmph. Whatever you say, Your Highness.

They all retreat to their bedrooms, leaving me standing alone with Ludwig.

Reader: Ludwig: ...

U-uwaah! He keeps staring at me, without saying a single word.

Ludwig: Don't mind their words. They don't understand the meaning of discipline.

He finally said something! But... what should I say to that?

なぜあなたは規律が好きですか?→ Why do you like discipline (so much)? [Resistant]

あなたは規律を好きに見える。→ You seem to like discipline. [Submissive]

Reader: You seem to like discipline.

Ludwig: Of course. It's only natural that one desires a world with rules and regulations. It is the only way to live... without getting hurt.

Surprisingly, he didn't cut me off! Is this topic really that important to him?

Ludwig: Ah... I'm being too lenient.

He's suddenly distant again. Wait a second... Why is he moving towards me with such a fiery gaze? Without warning, he shoves me against the wall.

Reader: Agh–!

Ludwig: Hold still, or you will be punished.

His fangs are nearing my neck! I'm completely frozen in terror, unable to think. Pain erupts where his fangs enter my neck, making my head light. Is this really happening?

Ludwig: Mn... Haa... Your blood...

I struggle not to make a sound, but the pain only increases by the second.

Ludwig: This taste is strangely familiar...I want more.

Reader: A-ah! It hurts!

Ludwig: ...Doesn't it? Now you know the feeling of my fangs.

Be prepared for even more pain, ________.

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