Yao Wang: Dark Prologue

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Yao: Your decision is surprisingly clever, Chosen.

I ended up choosing Yao. He seems to have the most answers about the Chosen and the 'foretelling'. Still... I can't help but think about his eerie aura. I'm beginning to regret my decision.

Ludwig: Although I'm not satisfied with this outcome, I'm sure Yao will be able to discipline you well enough.

Kiku: ... Yeah right. Watch her come sobbing to my room minutes later.

Yao: Kiku...

Feliciano: Well, it is true! You're not the best caretaker, seeing as what happened here before...

What is Feliciano trying to imply? Yao is suddenly tense...

More than that, everyone is looking at me strangely. Have I really made the wrong decision?

Ludwig: Enough, Feliciano.

Kiku: Like you said, the full moon is out tonight. Why don't you grab a snack while you're at it, old man?

Yao: That isn't such a bad idea, actually. But I'd prefer speaking to her in private.

Although his words are calm, Yao's appearance is not. He seems to be angry, for some reason. Because of his tense mood, everyone finally left.

Yao: ...

Reader: Um...

Yao: How could you play around with the foretelling like this?

Play around?

Yao: Although this may seem like a joke to you, the world's fate is in your hands.

Yours...or someone else's.

私は、自分自身を困惑している。→ I'm confused, myself. [Resistant]

ごめんなさい。→ I'm sorry. [Submissive]

Reader: I'm confused, myself.

Yao: ... Are you really that stupid?

Yao: The more I stay with you, the more I want to vomit. Are you trying to play around, or can you really not understand this simple concept? Based on prior knowledge, we assumed you were the Chosen, and took you to our home. But, you turned out to be a useless, ordinary girl. However...


Yao: There still might be a chance...

... No.

I'm being too naive.

Yao's face suddenly darkens. He edges towards me, a sharp gaze on his face. In seconds, I'm pushed back down on the couch.

Reader: –No!

Yao: For fooling around with me...

He wastes no time, fangs sinking into my skin. Pain jolts through my body, causing me to cry out.

Yao: ... For lying to me...

He pushes them in deeper.

Reader: A-ah!

He turns my face to the other side, so that the rest of my neck is fully exposed. I can feel a sharp sting from the wounds he made.

Yao: ... I'll punish you for it all.

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