Arthur: Dark Prologue

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Arthur: Oh, me? I'm flattered. I suppose you couldn't keep your hands off of me.

Reader: I-It is nothing like that!

I chose him because he seemed the most level-headed out of the group, but...Did I make the wrong choice? Everyone is staring at me.

Francis: I never would have thought she would go for a man like him. I thought you had better taste than that, _____.

Alfred: Tch. Of all people to chose...

Yao: You are a brave one, I see. Interesting, considering how you were behaving earlier.

Behaving? I wasn't doing anything wrong!

Kiku: ...

Ivan: Aw, why didn't you pick me? We would have had so much fun together!

Ludwig: ... I would be careful if I were you, ____. Arthur is quite... unpredictable.

Feliciano: He really is a rough one! Hehe, Poor ____...~

Oh no... I really did make the wrong decision, then...What do I do? I glance up to see Arthur jeering at me. His lips were upturned in a devious smirk, and there was a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Arthur: Well, should we go somewhere more... private? After all, it wouldn't be very polite if we were to do such an... intimate act in front of everyone.

Why do I get the feeling that he isn't actually concerned about privacy... but rather, trying to embarrass me even more? I feel my arm being grabbed. His grip is so strong! I can't pull away!

Arthur: Now now, don't be like that. I promise, it won't be that bad. Lets go then, shall we?

He's smirking as he begins to drag me away from the others. I can't help but feel terrified– I want to escape, but I can't!

Arthur: It's play time, love. And you are the toy.

We enter an empty bedroom. Roughly, Arthur pushes me onto the bed, that devilish grin still on his face...

Reader: Hey, stop it! What are you–

Arthur: Quiet, love. You don't want to cause a mess now, do you?

He's pinning my arms down– and his face is getting nearer! He's too strong, I can't move away no matter how hard I try!

Arthur: Hah, this will be interesting...~

He opens his mouth wide, revealing a pair of sharp fangs! I begin to feel dizzy... What should I do?!

抗議する。→ Protest. [Resistant]

あきらめる。→ Give up. [Submissive]

No! I can't let him use me like this, I have to fight back!

Reader: Get off of me! I want nothing to do with you!

Arthur: Don't get feisty, now. You did hear the others, didn't you? It would be dangerous to anger me.

His face suddenly darkens, and the smirk he was wearing before was replaced with a cold glare. His grip on my arms tighten considerably as he keeps me pinned down.

Reader: No! Stop it!

A sharp pain erupts at my neck. It hurts... it hurts a lot...

Arthur: Hn...

I feel something warm trickle down my neck. The dizziness is getting worse, I can't focus on anything. The only thing I am aware of is the pain. Everything else seems to fade.

Arthur: Mm... your blood is oddly familiar. Such a sweet taste...

Reader: Ah... Ah...

He pierces my neck again with sharp fangs. I can't do anything no matter how much my mind is screaming for me to move. It's useless.

Arthur: That's right, love. Give yourself to me. Everything...

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