Francis: 06

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Sunlight filtered through the window, ending my fleeting slumber. After Francis had comforted me I had a dreamless sleep.

That's right, he had hugged my last night after the nightmare. Those blue eyes in the dark seemed fuller, deeper than they usually were.

I turned to look at the clock when I noticed a vase on the bed stand, one single rose standing tall.

Reader: It's beautiful.

Yes he's a vampire, yes I'm a prisoner here, but he hasn't done anything awful to me since...

He's truly thinking about me, and I suppose it's all I can ask for. To remember I'm a person.

I grabbed the rose, petals soft. 

I suppose this is his way of cheering me up. I smiled, closing my eyes and taking in the alluring aroma, mind flooded with the image of a blond-haired man.  

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