Ludwig: 02

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Although I must admit that breakfast was scrumptious, Ludwig forced me to wake up early and set up the table. Now, he's scrutinizing the way I'm cleaning the entire dining room. I haven't had to do this much work since... why, never!

"Are you spacing out?"

"Oh– no, of course not!"

"You haven't even begun sweeping the other half of the floor. There is a limit to how useless a person can get!"

"I'm sorry..."

"Concentrate, or you will receive punishment!"

"Yes, sir..."

I really hate this. Ludwig treats me like a slave, yet I am a daughter of one of the wealthiest businessmen! Somehow, it's as if Ludwig wants my ego to be crushed. I can't let that happen. He keeps staring at me from the distance. I hate being watched under those hawk-like eyes. But... I must admit, they are quite beautiful.

"Again. You're spacing out."

"Huh? Ah, no, it's–AH!"

Ludwig startles me so much that I begin to fall. The floor is hardwood... I don't want to scrape myself like this!


Instead of the rough floor, a stiff - yet far more comfortable - surface meets my head.

"Careful, daydreamer."

"I'm so sorry!"

I can't believe Ludwig caught me when he was all the way across the room. Vampires really are strange creatures...Still, his strong arms feel nice around my own. I want to be held like this forever.

"Why aren't you getting off? You caused enough of a mess and you dare to lay around like a lazy bum?!"

I scramble off and keep apologizing over and over, yet he doesn't seem to be listening. For some reason, Ludwig's cheeks... are red?

"Stop apologizing! Even 'sorry' is becoming tiring to hear from that mouth of yours. If you really are sorry then finish sweeping up and tidy  the kitchen as well!"

I... knew... it...

Hmph, I'm never trusting any of these vampires ever again!  

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