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-Scene:Reading Room-

I had stumbled upon a small room filled with plants and books. Maybe the books could tell me more about this 'Foretelling'? Or at least vampires. I ran a finger along the spines, frowning as it became covered in dust.

Reader: sigh...

There's nothing here that'd be useful. Despite the 'cheery' interactions I've had so far with Francis, I'm still left completely in the dark. Just the fact that there are vampires makes my head spin. And I'm to live with eight of them.

A shudder snaked down my spine, jumping as the door opened.

Francis: Ah, _. Fancy seeing you here. What's that look for? And here I came bringing good news...

Reader: Good news?

Francis: Of course. You and I are going out today.


Reader: Like...a date?

His lips curled up into a smug smile.

Francis: See, I knew you liked me.~ I meant outside.

Reader: Oh.

That's embarrassing. He seems happy that he made me blush.

Reader: Where are we going?

I asked, hoping to steer the conversation.

He held a finger to his lips.

Francis: That's a surprise.

Of course it is. Still, the thought of being able to leave the house lifted my spirits, filling me with anticipation. We walked downstairs to the foyer, slipping on our shoes. He opened the door, sunlight falling warming my skin.

Walking around almost feels like I'm doing something wrong, or bad.

Francis: You're making such an adorable expression.

He caught me...

Francis: Haha nothing wrong with it. Oh, looks like we're here.

Reader: A farmer's market?

I followed him across the street, him grabbing a basket. There were rows of white booths, full of glistening vegetables, fruits, and even baked goods. This is so wonderful. I've always wanted to go ever since I was a young girl. Something about farm fresh foods makes me happy. The world is simpler here.

Woman #1: Hey did you hear?

Woman #2: No, what's happened?

A couple of women near us began chatting, too close to ignore them and their conversation.

Woman #1: There's been sightings of a deranged vampire!

My blood ran cold. Who could they possibly mean? Is of the eight?

Woman #2: Oh my! That's awful!

Woman #1: They say young women have been snatched up at night right near here! And that murder on the news...

Woman #2: No!

The first woman nodded sadly. I looked over to Francis yet he seemed unbothered by what they said.

Francis: Pay them no mind. Confidence is a thing of beauty; you shouldn't give into fear from mere rumors.

He's right...Still, something as serious as that is hard to ignore. I suppose I'll just have to trust in him.


Author's Note: Hey guys! I'm sure you've noticed that this is a scene that occurs in all routes. I know it might be boring to read several times. (I'm trying to make each one unique) But starting with the next part (05) each route will start splitting off! ^_^ This means there won't be many repeating scenes and we'll get deeper and more personal-tailored to each character <3 

Thank you for reading so far! I can't wait to share what's in store! :3

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