Ludwig: 01

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- M o n o l o g u e: L u d w i g -

Without warning, an image clouds my mind.

A figure waves from the distance, beckoning me over.

I spot a smile as vivid as the sun.

It draws me in, until I come face to face with this stranger.

The tiny creature wraps her arms around my my back,

pulling me into a warm embrace.

Had I ever received such genuine love?


Such a thing was never meant for me.

Yet...this time-stopping embrace

remains in my memories, clearer than ever.

- Pov: Reader-

I want to remain on this bed for eternity. If I open my eyes now, I will only be greeted with a horrid reality. Please... Make this all a dream!

                "WAKE UP, USELESS!"


"That took longer than expected. Are you trying to get on my bad side?!"

He was scowling at me with his hands on his hips, eyes piercing.

"L-Ludwig! I'm sorry..."

How embarrassing--Because of his shouting, I woke up in such an awful way.

"Why are you red? Fever? Rash?"


He takes a step closer, "Don't lie--your entire face looks like a tomato. ...If you get sick, it will only cause more trouble. Let me see..."

He closes the distance between us and presses his forehead against my own! I'm so nervous...I hope he doesn't notice. If I tell Ludwig that I'm simply embarrassed, he'll scold me again.

"Your skin feels warmer than usual, and your body is trembling..."

"I-it's nothing! I'm not sick, don't worry!"

"W-what? I'm not...worrying. I just don't want my prey to cause more trouble than it already has."

He stood up and headed towards the door.

"If you really aren't sick, then make yourself useful and come downstairs. We will be preparing breakfast for the others, understood?"


He gave me one last look before leaving, closing the door behind him. I relaxed, feeling the tension leave my body. He's finally gone. Despite his stern words, Ludwig is a lot more soft-hearted than I thought. I suppose helping him out with breakfast won't be too much of a hassle.

- D a r k 0 1 E n d - 

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