Feliciano: 01

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- M o n o l o g u e: F e l i c i a n o -

For some reason,

an unfamiliar image settles in my mind.

Yet, it was also an image I knew I all too well.

Those trembling, frigid hands that would instantly warm up by my side.

The familiar bruises and wounds upon normally clear skin.

I couldn't place my finger on how or where these memories had suddenly sprouted from.

Although vague, they left me wondering.

Who is this person?

The creature with such deep scars?

- Pov: Reader-

Seeing as I was taken here without my consent, there's no way I am about to call this room mine. Dark drapes hung over the four-post bed, a full body mirror covered in cracks and dust, unable to see a reflection. Red candles were placed randomly around the room, wax dripping onto the wooden floor below. The only window was barred with black steel, morning clouds crossing the sky. I don't care if I won't be able to escape. I just need to get out of this strange, eerie bedroom...As soon as I try to get to my feet, my body begins aching. I wonder how much of my blood Feliciano sucked last night? Every inch of me stings from his bites. Somehow, I manage to drag myself to the door.

              "Good morning, bella."~


Right when I opened the door... he had to be waiting for me!

"Did you miss me? There's no need to look for me so desperately."

"I wasn't looking for you!"


He shortened the distance between us by leaning towards me.

"...were you planning to escape?"

I now know the meaning of his sudden, bitter tone. It's best not to get on his nerves.

"Just kidding!~ You're already so scared--how cute."

How mean! Although, I'm relieved to know that Feliciano was simply joking. Compared to last night, he seems much less dangerous. It must be due to the lack of the full moon's influence.

"Well, seeing you struggle over to the door was a bit of a treat for me, so I guess you deserve a break."

"Wait--what are you doing?!"

With ease he swept me off my feet, a smile on his face.

"Carrying you in my arms. Why so embarrassed, when we've already had so much contact? Now, where are we headed off to, bella?"

I hate Feliciano's constant teases... yet, being carried in his arms like this isn't so bad...Maybe I can live peacefully with these people, after all.

- End: Dark 01 -

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