Kiku: 03

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-Scene: Bedroom-

Kiku: I figured I'd find you in here.

Reader: Oh, Kiku.

I was finally getting used to the room, enjoying my reprieve away from the other men, er, vampires. It's still hard for me to wrap my head around, but with each mark that's left on my skin it becomes clearer. Vampires are real. The one in front of me is very real, wearing an impatient frown.

Kiku: Aren't you dressed yet? It's nearly noon. Francis was so let down when he saw you were wearing those instead of something else when you came down for breakfast.

By 'those' he meant my flannel pajamas. Stupid Francis and his dirty mind; I wear clothes for comfort, not so he can leer at me!

Kiku: Heh, you're making an interesting face right now.

I was so caught up yelling at Francis in my mind I forgot that Kiku was also of the opposite gender. I grabbed my blanket, pulling it up to my chin.

Kiku: What are you doing? Do you really think that puny body can arouse me? Get dressed and meet me in the foyer in five minutes.


He left...

I looked down at myself, peering under the blanket.

Reader: Puny?


Reader: I'm ready!

I called, rushing into the foyer. Five minutes definitely wasn't enough time!

Kiku: I was about to leave without you. Let's go.

Reader: Where are we going?

I followed him outside the door, sunlight falling on my bare skin. Ah, it feels so good~ We walked across the grounds though I couldn't help feeling skeptical. They did threaten to kill me if I left, after all. Are they beginning to trust me?

Kiku: I see that hopeful glint in your eyes. Heh, how pathetic can you get? One taste of freedom and you're already like this. I'm letting you accompany me-but if you try to runaway...

He leaned in close, breath frigid on my ear.

Kiku: I'LL be the one tearing you to shreds.

He leaned back, flashing a devilish grin.

He resumed walking; I had to steel myself before I could continue, him walking with more pep in his step than before. Bully. Still, it was wonderful being outside again. Birds chirped in the trees, a gentle breeze swaying the branches. The further we walked the busier it became, people out and about doing their errands or enjoying the sunny day. And to think, they have no idea the man next to me is a vampire.

Kiku: Hey, pay attention idiot. We're here.

I expectantly looked up, finding ourselves on the outskirts of a farmer's market.

Reader: You're buying groceries?

Kiku: How astute. Now go get me a basket from over there.

He said, pointing to a neat stack.

After he got the basket he became much more serious, inspecting each possible item closely before deciding whether he would accept or reject it.

Woman #1: Hey did you hear?

Woman #2: No, what's happened?

A couple of women near us began chatting, too close to ignore them and their conversation.

Woman #1: There's been sightings of a deranged vampire!

My blood ran cold. They couldn't possibly mean...?

Woman #2: Oh my! That's awful!

Woman #1: They say young women have been snatched up at night right near here! And that murder on the news...

Woman #2: No!

The first woman nodded sadly. I turned to look at Kiku, heart beginning to pound at the sight of his agitation.

Kiku: Can I not even shop in peace? Humans are the absolute worst. They're nothing better than my prey.

He did NOT just say that out loud! I slowly turned to see the women's reactions-only they were already gone, walking away down the street.

Reader: Phew...

Kiku: What are you so relieved about?

Reader: I thought they had heard you.

Kiku: So what if they had? I'd merely have a late afternoon snack. Though, by the looks of them they would've tasted awful.

...How can he casually say such things? My skin felt clammy, thrusting them into my pockets so he couldn't see me trembling.

Kiku: We're done here. Let's go back so Yao can prepare dinner.

I merely nodded, walking into his footsteps. As we walked he would peer over his shoulder back at me occasionally. Finally he spoke up.

Kiku: Don't tell me you're actually worried about what they said.

Reader: Hm?

Kiku: The only vampire you need to worry about is me.

He smiled, this time it wasn't malicious, but real. Is he trying to comfort me?

Kiku: Hey, why am I the one carrying the groceries anyway? Go take these to the kitchen. And bring me some cake!

He ordered while entering the house, shutting the door in my face. 

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