Ludwig: 03

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I stand inside the foyer, Ludwig fastening the buttons on his light jacket. He had woken me up and told me to follow him, offering no other explanation. Still, I didn't want to bear the brunt of his scrutiny or harshness, complying silently.

He opened the door, greeted by warm sunshine and the wonderful outdoors.

Ludwig: Don't get your hopes up, _.

Reader: Hm?

Ludwig: Today you're accompanying me but the rules still exist. If I see you trying to runaway you'll receive a harsh punishment. I am not in the mood to be merciful today.

I nodded shakily, his intensity nearly sucking the air out of me. The thought of Ludwig being merciful made me want to scoff. He's been nothing but mean the entire time! Constantly scowling, always scolding me...He's like a watchdog ready to bite.

Despite his attitude I quickly found myself distracted by the new world I found myself in. The sidewalks filled with more people as we entered the heart of town. Storefronts lined the streets, chalkboard signs urging customers to check out their wares.

Ludwig began crossing the street, quickly walking after.

Reader: A farmer's market...

I gaped, surprised by the amount of vendors, their stalls full of fresh fruit and vegetables, even cheeses, wines, and handmade soaps!

Reader: I've never seen something like this before.

Ludwig glanced at me but said nothing, instead thrusting a basket into my hands.

He carefully began inspecting some vegetables, holding up a tomato before nodding, placing it into the straw basket. He did this with each item, carefully taking his time, making sure each food had no impurities. Soon the basket was nearly half full with different vegetables, skins glowing in the sunlight.

Woman #1: Hey did you hear?

Woman #2: No, what's happened?

A couple of women near us began chatting, too close to ignore them and their conversation.

Woman #1: There's been sightings of a deranged vampire!

My blood ran cold. They couldn't possibly mean...?

Woman #2: Oh my! That's awful!

Woman #1: They say young women have been snatched up at night right near here! And that murder on the news...

Woman #2: No!

Ludwig: *scoff*

I turned towards Ludwig, him wearing an agitated scowl.

Ludwig: How stupid can mortals be? They'd all be safe if they merely followed the rules.

There he goes with the rules again...Why is he so hung up on them? Would they really have been safe? I doubt the attacked woman was doing anything wrong.

Ludwig: C'mon, let's head home before my appetite is spoiled.

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