Yao: 02

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- M o n o l o g u e: Yao -

The Foretelling.

A seemingly unbreakable puzzle.

An impenetrable wall.

The biggest hindrance which tied itself to our fates.

I closed my eyes,

and begged for an answer.

He appeared before me once more.

Trying to obliterate his gruesome smile,

struggling to efface each memory,

I broke the purity within me.

- ***-

Throughout breakfast, everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time chatting, joking, and teasing. Except for one person, that is. Since Yao seemed to be in a foul mood this morning, I decided to follow through with his request of making him green tea right away. I gazed at his bedroom door, unable to find it in myself to turn the doorknob.

"Stop staring, and come inside."


How did he know that I was outside his bedroom door?!

"Set the tea over there."

I do as he says, placing the cup of tea on a humble looking table, right in front of the sour-looking man. The more I look around, the more I notice how traditionally decorated everything is. I expected his room to look like the others with furniture right out of the Victorian Age. Instead he has traditional flooring and wallpaper, a gorgeous folding screen in the right corner. On the wall is a scroll with a white crane mid-flight. There are some dark wooden shelves full of various things. Why are there so many antique, obscure objects in here?

"Hurry up and tell me what irksome things are in your mind. I hate unspoken thoughts--they create an awful, ringing sound."

I can't understand a single word Yao is saying. Could he possibly be connected to some weird, supernatural world? Still, it's embarrassing to say whatever I was thinking...

"I was just wondering why there are so many antique objects in your room...Not that they look bad, or anything!"

"...Your honest thoughts are stupider than I imagined."

Ah, even if I say the truth, Yao will remain as harsh as ever. It almost seems like the vampire has a grudge against me!

"Well, that honesty isn't necessarily a bad thing. Idiotic, yes. But..It is somewhat comforting to have a trustworthy person around."

Yao swiftly pulls my shirt collar towards him, gaze as cold as ice. I become short of breath as the distance between us closes.

"Don't break my trust, Chosen."

"...All right."

He finally lets go, and I can breathe again. The air is thick for a few moments before he breaks the silence, unaware of my heart thumping in my chest.

"As for the answer to that question...You could say that I have a hobby for collecting. Or something of the sort."

That definitely isn't the truth. Yao's smirk tells me that he is hiding the full story behind those antiques. Was I too naive for listening to this aggravating vampire, after all? 

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