Arthur: 03

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We entered the dining room to find that everyone else had already finished eating, room deserted. He led me into the kitchen, stainless steel sparkling under the morning rays.

                 "Let's get started then, shall we?"

So he says, though I'M the one teaching HIM. Still, it's a little heartwarming to see how eager he is.

"Right. I think we should start with something simple. How about chocolate chip muffins?"

He merely shrugged.

"Okay...Can you please get me out a mixing bowl?"

"Huh? Why should I?"

"I don't know where anything is."

"You could ask where things are."

Why is he suddenly being so difficult?!

"Fine." He gave in, grabbing a bowl.

"Thank you. We'll also need a mixer, measuring cups, muffin tray, and the ingredients."

"Those you can get from the fridge. I don't know the recipe."

That's true, I suppose. I showed him how to measure everything, adding them to the large bowl.

"We need to add three eggs."

He confidently cracked them open, contents plopping inside, along with a few pieces of the shell. He frowned when he saw them, confidence quickly leaving.

"D-don't worry! We'll just pick them out. Let's go on to the next part, okay?"

After some additional searching I found a plump bag of chocolate chips, handing it to him.

"You can dump those in while I whisk the batter."

I plugged the cord into the outlet, mixer coming to life. Turning it to the lowest setting we watched as the batter blended together. He started opening the bag only for it to rip, chocolate chips flying in every direction.


"They're right to mock me, I can't do a simple task!"

"Now now, it's oka"-

He suddenly turned, eyes ablaze, "How dare you pretend to console me! You, a mere human woman. Your pity is misplaced."

I swallowed before finding my voice, "I don't pity you, Arthur. It's just a simple accident is all. There's still half a bag left, why don't we keep going?"

I writhed in the silence, afraid he would lash out again.

His eyes softened, him no longer scowling, "...I suppose we can."

I smiled from relief, "Great!"

He watched me carefully, this time successfully adding the chocolate chips to the mix. After spooning out the batter into the tin, we set the tray into the oven.

"There. Now all that's left is to wait."

He turned to me with a small smile, eagerly waiting by the oven door. Heh, just like a little kid. After ten or so minutes the timer dinged, him slipping on the oven mitts and placing the tray on the stove top.

"Wow, they look great! Good job!"

"R-really? I did it?" His eyes were sparkling, mouth agape in astonishment. Like this he isn't scary at all, instead rather cute and innocent.

"W-why are you staring at me like that?"

"Nothing!" I hurriedly said, glancing away, "You really did a good job."

He stood tall, "Of course I did! When can you teach me more?"


He suddenly turned a light shade of pink, turning away, "N-nevermind! Don't forget to clean up the mess you made!" He said before quickly storming out.

I turned to see the batter covered counter-tops, floor covered in chocolate and dirty dishes, any feelings of accomplishment fading away. 

{Things may be starting out innocently with him, though we all know they cannot stay that way~ Just a reminder that this is a DRAFT and will undergo changes later.}

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