Ivan: 06

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We had just finished eating lunch, the others rather subdued today. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Ivan glancing at me; I can tell he wants to say something but can't quite bring himself to it.

Reader: Yes, Ivan?

Ivan: Ah-well I was wondering...if you wanted to do something now?

Reader: Right now? What did you have in mind?

He smiled widely.

Ivan: It's a surprise~

Reader: O-h...okay.

As apprehensive as I felt, the sight of Ivan being so happy outweighed it. Besides, he's already proven he won't ever hurt me...right?

Ivan: Wonderful!

Before I could stand he grabbed my hand happily led me out of the room, Yao scolding us about not doing our dishes.

We were silent save for our footsteps as we walked down the street. It was merely the other day when we overheard the women discussing the deranged vampire. Is it really safe to be outside?

Ivan: Here we are~

We entered the building, a wave of heat washing over us. Vibrant greens shone as sunlight filtered into the greenhouse, all kinds of flowers blooming brilliantly.

Reader: Wow...

Trees stood tall, bushes sprawled out at their bases. Nearly every type of plant and flower imaginable was here.

We strolled along the stone path before resting on a white bench.

Ivan: Wait right here.

He said with a purely giddy smile.

Reader: What?

I asked but he was already rounding the corner and out of sight. I leaned back into the bench, letting out a content sigh. This place is paradise...

I don't ever want to leave. I looked to my right to see Ivan approaching, hands behind his back.

Reader: Where did you go?

Ivan: Ummm...It reminded me of you, and so...here!

He brought his hands out from behind his back, revealing a brilliantly golden sunflower.

Reader: It's gorgeous, Ivan. Thank you.

I gently grasped the flower, its stem longer than I was tall. As bright as it was, his smile shines even brighter. 

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