Chapter 54 |1 month into pregnancy|

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|Minah's pov|

Me and Inseong finally bought a house and today my mother and father will be coming over to help us fix it up. They'll also be coming over for dinner but I knew they might not even wanna be around me since I'm pregnant. I explained to Inseong before and he told me he would never let them run over me and the babies. All though we aren't keeping Yaron he still cares which makes me love him more. 

"Inseong" I ran downstairs

"What" he said cooking

"My mother and father are bringing my sister also and they have always let her mess with me" I said 

"Baby calm down if they don't like you, the babies, yongguk, me and your friends they can leave" he said 

"Why Yongguk?, I have nothing against the guy but I thought you hated him" I said 

He sighed putting the knife down.

"I like Yongguk, although he fought me, and hates me I'll always like him, Under all that angry he's showed I know he is a good person, Hopefully someday he'll accept me to be in Nari's life and to your life, I'll be sure to never hurt you, He cares about you Minah and even I can see it" he said kissing my forehead 

"I'm sure he'll be fine with you being in mine and Nari's life" I smiled

He went back to cooking as I thought of what he said.

|Soomin's pov|

"Himchan put me down" I laughed

"Not until I get my kiss" he smiled

"Fine" I gave in giving him a kiss

He let me down as we continued to walk the park I seen some people looking at me in a way I didn't like. I heard them talking about me in a manner I hate and honestly I might be chubby but that is no reason to call me fat. I let go of Himchan's hand running away.

|Himchan's pov|

I was angry I walked over to the couple.

"You both should be a shame, My girlfriend is not fat, Watch what you say because I wouldn't be afraid to throw some thoughts of what I think of your girlfriend" I said walking away

I looked around for Soomin who stood in front of a café I quickly hugged her.

"What are you doing crying" I asked

"Get away Himchan I might be too fat for you" she wiped her tears

"Never will you ever be fat to me" I picked her up

"Aren't you hurting, picking up someone so fat" she asked

"Listen to me Soomin, If I thought you were fat I would have no right to be with someone as perfect as you now let's go home" I smiled

|Yongguk's pov|

I fixed my jacket and knocked on the door Minah's parents invited me to dinner tonight at Minah's new house. Which it was awfully strange since I haven't talked to her in awhile and they hate me to begin with. Inseong opened the door but Minah's mother pulled me in.

"I thought maybe he would wanna come in you now honey since we need to all catch up on the fathers and non fathers" she said 

I sat at the table Minah's sister started to speak.

"So Inseong you seem very handsome, I'm a model so maybe we'll make a great match" she winked

"No thank you Minah has him" I said something before Inseong did

"Well what about you Yongguk we could take care of the babies" she said 

"Not interested in you or what you have to offer, You seem to be into flirting on the first day, Don't get to hype missy, I'm gonna be a father to our baby boy, You aren't in the picture" I said before sipping my drink 

"Inseong isn't even the father so what's his part" her father asked

"Well sir I think me and Minah would like to keep this between us and Yongguk" Inseong said 

"Sorry for getting in your business I just never thought Minah would mess with 2 guys in her time, Are you even sure the babies belong to you" he said 

"No sir they don't belong to me but me and Minah are gonna take care of the girl and he'l have the boy" Inseong said

We kept eating.

"I think, Minah could have done a bit lower, None of these guys you mess with are even on your level, They seem to above you" her sister said

"You seem lower" Minah said 

|Minah's pov|

"Sorry to throw this out here but I believe everyone preferred me over you and I always made more money than you" she said 

"Because you fucked every guy on the block before you became a model, Last time I recall weren't you on meds because you slept with someone and got pregnant, You also put the baby up for adoption because you wanted to be on mom and dad's good side?, Unlike you I want my child" I said 

The whole table was silent after that we just ate and after the meal they were ready to leave. 

|Inseong's pov|

Me and Yongguk sat outside with our beers.

"So I wanted to talk to you" I said

"Go ahead" he said 

"Well...It's just I love Minah and I know you do too, I feel like I took someone you deserve from you, I wanna be with her though but I won't ever hurt her I give you every right to beat me up because I deserved it" I said

"Man I would never hit you again I feel bad for it, You deserve her but as long as you love her and your daughter that's all that matters" he said

"My daughter?" I looked at him

"Nari needs someone who will forever be with her and Minah, I know it's you, You both raise her right, I can't be in her life because I know I might not be there forever, So Nari is to not find out about me, I have to go but we should talk more" he stood up walking out 

"It's time for bed silly we have to work tomorrow" Minah smiled

"Babe.....Yongguk doesn't want Nari to find out about him" I said shocked 

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