Chapter 2 |I'm not pregnant?!?!|

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"Hey don't freak out okay" Daehyun said

"How can I not I slept with Yongguk" I said

Yongguk was as shocked as me and hard to believe it ever happened.

"Look I should go Sarah might be trying to look for me" I said

"Sarah just left she said she'll see you at home" Youngjae said

They closed there eyes and I got dressed they hugged me and I left the dorm in complete shock.I don't want anyone to notice that I slept with Yongguk.I made it home Sarah walked up to me hugging me.

"Minah never do that again are you okay do you feel sick" she asked

"Why" I said

"When you have a one night stand getting pregnant is the most thing that happens" she said

"Don't say that I'm gonna go shower" I said

I grabbed me an outfit and walked to the shower I also had to go visit my dad at work.I needed to talk to him since we haven't really got together like a normal father and daughter.My mom was always busy with my sister at home.Needless to say I was pretty much a unsuccessful child.

Dad: CEO
Mom: Chef
Sister: Model

My dad was a CEO of a company my mom is a mater chef and my sister is a model who took a break before the summer collection.I was the one who had no job and I lived with my friend we are housemates.I wanted this normal life I was so busy with learning at college I wasn't fully able for a job.

"Minah Himchan wants to see you" she said

"Kk" I said

I did a quick shower I got out dried my hair and did my makeup I walked downstairs.He was sitting down I walked to the couch sitting in front of him.

"So you wanted to talk" I said

"Yeah me and the guys made an agreement about you" he said

"Um okay" I smiled

"If Yongguk made you pregnant you would pretty much let us see the baby" he said

The thought made me nervous what if I am pregnant it just worries me the thought bothered me.

"Please understand I'm not pregnant" I said

"Minah I was saying and how do you know that your not pregnant you just woke up" he said

He was right how do I know we talked more and I looked at the clock he walked out and I went to my dads company.He was mad I could tell.

"I am not happy about this you better bring me all those copies if you lose them I swear to god I'm gonna ruin you" he said

The man walked out I walked in and my dad looked at me.

"Minah what brought you here" he asked

"I wanted to ask you for a very huge favor! You see I wanna know if you would help me" I said

"Minah I help you out all the time this time my company is in front of me and you are dearly not" he said

I nodded walking out why walking I had noticed some girls giving me death glares.I kept walking and going back home.

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