Chapter 24|Problems can be fixed|

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"Soomin and me can't be together because she is pregnant" he frowned

Yunia grabbed her phone she kissed me before she got ready to go.

"Baby i'll be back keep a look out for the house" she smiled

"Sure thing cupcake" i smiled

She walked out the door and left i sat down with Himchan again.

"So" i said

"It's hard because she told me to stay out the way and her family would help her if they knew this she would get no help with the baby and it hurts me because she is pushing me away and all i wanna do is love her but i can't" he sighed

"Support" i said

He looked at me.

"Show her that you will support her and love her and you could be in the baby's life even if he or she isn't your child with blood do it with heart" i smiled

"You're right but how she won't pick up my calls or text" he asked

"I have a plan" i smirked

|Yongguk's pov|

I was in the bed laying down when i noticed Daehyun he was so silent and he didn't say anything to me.After what happened he won't even speak to me or even call me if he needs help.I knew for sure that i let a girl get in the way of us being friends and i have to fix it.

"I'm sorry" i spoke

He smiled.

"No i'm sorry, i wasn't in my right mind and i shouldn't do you like that you both go to the hospital and get this test done and i prove to you that i never meant to hurt my brother" he smiled

I nodded my head now time to see if Minah would like to pick up where we left off.

|Yunia's pov|

I had just now made it to Soomin's house along with Mia who was planning to visit anyways.When she opened the door i was quick to make her sit down.

"You can't push him" i said

"What do you mean" she faked a smile

"You can't push Himchan away because he loves you, remember when everyone bullied you in school calling you fat and saying you will never have a perfect man?, Well now you can have love and happiness but you pushing him away is only gonna make things worse for the both of you guys" i said

"What do you know about love you use to hate being in love what changed that" she scoffed

"Jongup is what changed that i hated love because i seen the pain my mom went through and because he fell out of love with her but Jongup made me smile and showed me that love is worth having" i hugged her

She cried as she hugged me back.

"Yunia is right, and you guys are deep in love...Chanyeol left me" Mia looked down

I pulled her in a hug.

"It's gonna be okay" i smiled

|Ri's pov|

I had to get to Daehyun so i was on my way to see him right now to make it right.I got to the dorm and walked in.

"What are you doing here" Daehyun asked

"Daehyun i'm sick and tired of acting like i don't like you, well i do okay and it's hard for me to ignore this feeling inside" i spoke

He only gave a soft chuckle.

"Someone already confessed to me but i didn't want them because i feel the same way, so tomorrow night is gonna be just you and me" he smiled

|Minah's pov|

I was in the dorm but i thought of it does he even wanna speak to me i took in a deep breath before opening the door.I sat down on his bed.

"Yongguk" i spoke

"Yes" he raised up

"I had a talk with Daehyun and now it's clear to me that i really should love you because you were there for me when no one else was and you stood up for me when my mom and dad didn't approve, My heart is beating so fast right now just looking at you" i smiled

"I'm glad now would you like to go to the doctor and do a test on this" he smiled

"Yes baby i would love too" i kissed him

I took off my shoes and cuddled beside me.

"Does this mean i can i have a second child" he smirked

"No" i giggled

"Oh come on" he pouted

"Not until we get a house and have our first baby and maybe i will think about it" i smiled

"Well can we do it for fun" he smirked

"No, maybe not right now" i smirked back

|Soomin's pov|

The girls left and i was already done eating so i got in my pajamas and was ready to sleep.I opened my door and seen roses.I picked them up and opened the card.

Dear Soomin
I know you feel like i can't do this but trust me i 100% can handle a baby with you.Even jf it's not mine i wanna treat it like it is.That never made me hate you but love you more.Stop pushing me away because i will never leave you.I will be in your heart and mind so let me treat it like i'ts our baby and not just your baby.Let's go out for a picnic tomorrow meet me at 2:00 P.M~Kim Himchan

I started to smile he was a sweet guy and i'm happy he is willing to do so.All of a sudden Wendy came in crying.

"What's wrong" i asked

"Zelo h-he is having a serious surgery t-tonight" she cried

"How serious" i asked

"One mistake and he is gone" she said

Oh no Zelo is having surgery so serious one mistake and he dies!!!.

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