Chapter 11 |We're all going our way|

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I had landed in America and tbh i was nervous on how the people would see me i wasn't the type to just walk up.I got off the plane and grabbed my bag i felt someone touching my hand.

"Can i help you" i asked giving it my all to speak

"Yeah you can i want your number i seen you get off and i never felt that way about anyone" he said

"Sorry but you seen me doesn't mean we can hit it off" i said

I had to hurry and say something to get him away from me.

"I'm married and my husband would be so upset" i said'll l
"I could probably fight your husband i'm 5,7 and a football player for college and i am also a gym member" he said 

"My husband is Bang Yongguk he has a really deep voice he is a leader in a group and i could tell you that no matter what you do or say will ever beat him" i said

"I'm sure he can't fight back" he said

"Look here pretty boy go back to doing football and gym because he might not be here but who says i won't fight you never and i mean ever talk about him like that Bang Yongguk is my husband and hell i love him so would you like me to make your grave because he is gonna put you right in it" i spoke

He walked off shaking i sighed and walked my way only to run into someone.

"What are you doing here" i asked


I thought about what he had said i mean wouldn't be bad to meet some girls i sighed as he told me about them.I stood up.

"I'm going can we meet the girls" i asked

"You guys are all dressed so i don't see why not" he said

We walked out and got a ride to the movies where the girls were waiting.One girl caught my eye.

"We all wanna watch something else what should we watch" the chubby one asked

"Well let's all watch something else how about we go our ways" i said

"Okay" we said

We got to catch on to the girls names.

Jongup & Yunia

Zelo & Wendy

Daehyun & Ri

Me and Soomin

We all went our ways i didn't mind Soomin she was cute and chubby.We were waiting in line to get some popcorn and drinks.

"You okay" i asked

"Yeah i just don't really see what you would do picking me i mean you could of had anyone" she said

"No matter what you look like i wouldn't mind watching movies with you" i said

The sound of laughing behind us was clear we looked back to see 2 guys laughing.

"What's so funny" Soomin asked

"You i mean you're to fat to be wearing those shorts and come on that makeup is so awful" he said

Soomin started crying she ran out i punched the guy as his friend caught him.

"Never talk to her like that" i said

I ran out after her once i stopped her i hugged her.

"There is nothing wrong with being a bit chubby you are perfect and beautiful and i see so much perfection in you let's skip the movies, how about we go out and eat" i said

She smiled i walked with her to find some place to eat.


I had called my family and talked to them for awhile i knew i had to call Minah.


Me:How is everything

Minah:Just got down here call me later cupcake

She hung up the phone i put it down not knowing what to do.

I'll be seeing my grandma so i will have wifi to update when i leave!

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