Chapter 14 |Sad & Happy|

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I had walked away Sarah wasn't the right one for me.

I'm sorry can we work this out???

Sorry but no as you can see i wasn't meant for you, moving on so fast shows me that we don't need each other

Youngjae i'm so sorry okay it was a mistake!

Moving on so fast, telling your best friends secrets, laughing at her sometimes doesn't make it a mistake and if so you ma de too many, Minah is so much better and she can have better friends

I turned my phone off.


America is a pain in the ass everyone keeps calling me the Korean whore.I rubbed my belly all though i wasn'5 big yet.

"Hopefully you grow to be better than me hopefully you look like Yongguk" i spoke

I couldn't take it i had to go back home i miss Yongguk.I had got up from the seat and walked out.

"Hey you can't leave i have decided to give you one more chance" she said 

"I don't want your chance i have someone waiting for me in Korea" i said

I had got up when someone stopped me.

"What now" i said

There face was covered but it was a girl she hit me in my stomach i fell to the ground in pain.She left a note beside me and walked off.


My phone was buzzing like crazy i had got tired of it and picked the phone up it was Minah.She should be sleeping.


Minah:This is a doctor everyone i tired calling hasn't picked up are you Korean

I didn't say much to him due to me not really getting some words he said to me.He passed the phone on to another person who was Korean.

Minah:The doctor is busy right now everyone we called never picked up the phone so we were calling you to let you know Minah is in the hospital she was hit in the stomach

My phone hit the ground i ran out the dorm and all the way to the airport.

"Sir you can't get on without having a passport you need that and i am gonna need a plane ticket" she said

"Someone i love is in America and is in pain" i spoke

"No we can't let you on" she said

"Have you ever carried someone's baby and be so far from them and something happened to where you knew they needed to be by your side and at that moment there the only one you think of" i said 

"Well yes my husband is in America and he has our little girl" she said

"How about we both go to America you can see your daughter let me see my girl and we can end this whole passport thing" i said

She thought for a moment before she walked on the plane with me.


I hugged Soomin as we stood in front of the ice skating rink.

"Himchan i told you i didn't know how to skate" she said 

"I can hold you we can skate don't worry i won't let you fall" i smiled

She took my hand we started skating a lot it was fun she had fell down and pouted.

"I can't do this" she said

"You can but you need to try" i said


"Okay Yunia you mean to tell me that we can go bungee jumping are you sure you are ready" i said

"Jongup i done this so many time just trust me you chicken" she smiled

She jumped off.

"I am not a chicken Yunia" i smiled

I jumped off to as we kept bouncing up in down we finally got up and she laughed she was shaking.

"You must be cold from that here take my jacket" i said

I took the jacket and wrapped it around her.

"Thank you" she smiled


Ri played the guitar and i was singing she started singing along with me and her voice was perfect.Once we finished we both clapped.

"You were great" i said

"Thanks i love your high notes you were amazing hopefully we can meet again" she said 

She slowly leaned in and kissed me.

"Does this mean we're a thing" i asked

"Take me on a proper date tomorrow and it might just mean something" she smirked


Me and Wendy were dancing with each other i was teaching her some of our moves and she caught on very well.

"Zelo my leg hurts can we have a break" she asked

"Of course" i said

I passed her a water.

"I had fun dancing and learning some moves but now Zelo it is time for me to teach you some moves i wanna win the salsa dance and i need a partner" she said

"Okay" i smiled


I haven't been to the dorm my heart was upset to know Sarah was so quick to move on because of one date i missed.

"You look slumped" someone said 

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