Chapter 16 |Let's get better|

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Ri was walking back and forth Wendy was there to comfort me and Himchan went to Soomin's house.

"He is gonna be fine Zelo i just feel it" she smiled

"It makes me freak out i mean he was healthy and he was okay" i said

"You worry a lot and i want you to know that he is gonna be fine i am here to calm you" she said

She put her hand in my hand and squeezed it.

"Thank you for being here for me" i said

"What kind of girl would i be if i didn't" she said 


"So um Yeri you want to make clothes but why are you in the B.A.P protection club if you know don't wanna really do it" i asked

"Because you see i just have my friends and well i never wanted to leave them behind i was heartbroken one time and i really thought he was the one but i was lied too" she said

"You know Yeri a girl that i knew and thought i loved was not the girl i really was going for she was so good on the outside but inside she was not she would lie and tell things about her friend she just moved on so fast" i said

She lifted her bottle of beer and drunk it all the way down.

"I know bro love sucks" she pouted

"It can suck sometimes" i said 


I waited for Himchan to comeback he left to go to the store and well it was taking him so long.I got on my phone and texted the group chat.

Soomin:Hey girls so what happened tonight no one picked up my calls!!!!!

Ri:I can't talk right now i am waiting for Daehyun he didn't look so good so well we took him to the hospital 

Yunia:I'm cuddling with Jongup we were watching a movie but he fell asleep

Yeri:I'm getting drunk with Youngjae

Wendy:I'm here with Ri and Zelo and poor baby is freaking out i don't know how to calm him

Mia:I have been gone with my new boyfriend for weeks now sorry guys for not telling you but Chanyeol invited me to meet his family!

The door opened i seen Himchan walk in he pushed me against the wall.

"Hey" he smirked

"Oh my god your breath it stinks you were drinking instead of going to the store" i said 

He laughed.

"Yeah you think i'm done talking to you i mean can a man go out we aren't even dating i can't even see why i ever showed any interest in someone like you" he said

I felt warm tears run down my face.

"Himchan you don't mean it" i said

"Yeah i do you are fat, ugly you stink and girls skinny look better than you" he spat out

I called Youngjae but no one picked up i didn't wanna handle this pain and name calling.I called Yongguk.


Me:Yongguk, Himchan is drunk and he is being very rude and well i am to afraid to kick him out the house because what if something happens as he makes it on his way home, Can someone come get him

Yongguk:Okay well for tonight just calm him down he doesn't last that long being drunk he gets tired very fast

Me:Okay thank you so much Yongguk

Yongguk:One more thing i am in America with Minah so i would love if you and the girls would get to work with the boys like get them up and ready for practice and train them please

Me:Oh well Mia is gonna comeback tomorrow i hope but yes we will

Yongguk:Thank you

He hung up the phone i seen Himchan on the couch he looked so cute sleeping i walked over and moved the hair out of his face.

"You look so cute" i smiled

I kissed his forehead and put a blanket over him.


I had looked at Yeri as we were walking she was drunk all the way me not so much.

"Youngjae" Sarah said

"What do you want" i asked

"I wanna talk to you about maybe how we can work this out and get back together" she smiled

"You are only using me for my money and you only want me for my fame i caught on fast i did and i just want you to leave me alone because Sarah i am forgetting you now move out my way" i said

"You have a slut with you and yet you say i move on to fast" she scoffed

"Look here bitch, Me and Youngjae are friends now you fucked up so leave him alo-" 

Yeri threw up on Sarah she was so mad Sarah stomped away.

"You might be drunk but thanks for that" i chuckled 


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