Chapter 8 |Apology Dinner?|

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"You're over thinking it" Sarah said

She was making breakfast and i was sitting down with makeup on my face i was crying and i never cleaned my makeup.

"Just think about it Yongguk isn't gonna want me we fought and it was awful i slapped him he won't ever forgive me" i said

"Youngjae and me are gonna go out for dinner tonight why not go with us" she smiled

"No just no that's getting in the way of your date, that isn't any better" i said


Minah walked upstairs i pulled out my phone texting Yongguk we planned on a dinner.We needed to make sure she would forgive him that night everything started.This is gonna be hard but it's gotta work.

"Sarah guess what" she came down happy

"What" i smiled

"I just passed my test i can go to America now and do all my study there for nursing" she said

My smiled became a shocked face her and Yongguk gotta have this child she can't leave.

"Um I'm sorry to break it to you Minah but you can't leave, When are you gonna leave" i asked

"Tomorrow you see if i don't arrive they won't accept me any later there nursing program is full there only gonna pick 3 more people and i gotta be picked" She said

"O-okay" i said

I called Yongguk but he didn't answer I'll let him do this dinner and then break the news.No maybe i will do it now.I ran out the door with no shoes on and to the dorm.I looked around but couldn't find him.

"Himchan where is Yongguk" i asked

"Um he is in the studio" he smiled

I thanked him and ran in i pulled the headphones off he gave me a smile.

"Okay you run in here no shoes what seems to be the problem" he asked


She didn't say anything she just looked down and walked out strange i never knew she was shy.My phone made a Ding sound i looked to see my text.

Yongguk? I don't know if you're still mad at me? But i want you to know i'm sorry for the way i was and it would of never happened if i would of just kept my mouth shut

I was never mad at you tbh without you i would be a boring leader, You know people like you make my life better

Also um are coming over i mean i wanna take you out for dinner??

I would really love to Yongguk but i am leaving tomorrow i want you to know us being a one night stand was the best us being together isn't

You can always see the baby and everything but i just wanna cut you off i mean people are hating me and trying to hurt me i don't need this

Minah i will keep you safe just move in the dorm with me and the guys please don't leave

She never texted me back i sighed i guess i'll go to dinner myself.I put the headphones back on and got rid of the song i made her.I took them off and walked out.

"Hey Yongguk tonight me and the guys are gonna watch movies wanna join" Zelo asked

"No instead of watching movies get back to practice you guys can't be lacking" i said


He has this cold glare and i could tell something was clearly bothering him.

"Look Zelo don't take it the wrong way you can practice your lines and Jongup can do dancing and everyone else can do there vocals" he said

"But i have a date with Sarah" Youngjae spoke up

"Don't care get back to work when i get back i wanna see you guys do better" he said

He walked out.

"Now we have to practice" i said

"I have a plan" Daehyun said

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