Chapter 34 |One night stand?|

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|Wendy's pov|

It was now morning but no one was awake but me I had to throw up I hope I packed my meds.I kept throwing up when I felt someone lift my hair up.

"Are you okay" Zelo asked

"No oppa, could you reach in my bag and pull out my meds I need to take them" I said

I finished throwing up and he did as I said.

|Yongguk's pov|

I woke up to see Minah sleeping after the news she hasn't really slept all through the night.I felt bad for her but I would slowly help her get through this.I walked out at the same time as Jongup.

"Oh you're up" I said

"Yeah I had a rough night last night" he rubbed his eyes

"Why so" I asked

"Yunia was tossing and turning and had a nightmare and so on" he said

"Sarah died" I spoke

"W-What" Youngjae said

Everyone was up except the girls and daehyun.

"She got killed last night by someone Minah didn't really sleep and I had to keep her from stressing it's not good for the twins" I said

"I-I think I ne...."

Before Youngjae could finish he fainted I rushed over and shook him but he didn't wake up.I knew the news would shock him.

"He fainted due to shock but he is gonna be fine" Himchan spoke

|Yeri's pov|

I slowly closed the door I knew he wasn't over her I think we need a break until he moves on.It was love at first sight and I may never change it.I slowly sat on the bed thinking if this was the best idea for us.After awhile I walked out the room to see Himchan cooking.

"Hello, Did you sleep well" he asked

"Yes" I smiled

He continued to cook.

"I wanna ask you something" I said slightly thinking

"Go ahead" he said not looking away from cooking

"Well I love being with Youngjae he is like the sweetest guy I know but....he isn't over Sarah and I get that but if he can't get over her I can't be with's just you know when you want to be with that person but they can't move on from someone they loved so it makes you feel like the hit and miss" I said

He looked at me.

"Stop worrying so much" he said

"huh" I said clueless

"You worry a lot and you don't need to do so, I mean think about it Yeri if he didn't have you he would have never found love, You can think of every fucking problem in the book but Sarah never loved Youngjae. She was crazy and not meant to be with him I wouldn't even sat here and lie to you" he said honestly 

Before I could say anything he started to speak again but this time cooking again.

"You know Yeri you fail to see this but he is in deep love with you, I mean come on someone who is willing to be with you, He loves being with you never feel like he doesn't wanna love you because you aren't Sarah, You are talented and beautiful and super smart, Never in a million years think you are failing him when you aren't" he smiled

I guess he had a point.

|Daehyun's pov|

I had raised up to the sun beaming in my eyes this is the most peaceful moment.Suddenly another figure had raised up looking over it was Mia.


"D-Daehyun I can explain" she worried

"I have a fucking girlfriend I don't think you can explain, I know I never slept with you" I spat

"Well let me explain and maybe I can get it through your mind" she begged

"Go ahead and spit a lie out" I said 

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