Chapter 48 |Love can stink|

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|Minah's pov|

"Do you......Do you have feelings for Inseong" he asked

"Yongguk this is insane" I said

"Just let me know" he said 

"I wanna be with you both but clearly I don't know who to be with" I said 

"I understand" he said before hugging me and walking away 

I watched as he walked off in the rain I opened the door and went to cook Inseong something to eat. I don't know who to be with at all right now but my heart can only pick one.

|Yongguk's pov|

I unlocked the door to the house and decided to grab some clothes to change into I didn't wanna lose her not now. Sure I might act like I don't love her but truth be told I do love her. She is my everything. If I'm having my family I want her to be with us but if she chooses Inseong I can't change that. There was a knock at the door and I sighed walking downstairs and opening the door to see Zelo.

"What are you doing here aren't you going to be at the hospital with Wendy" I asked 

"She is sleeping right now" he said 

"What about the guys" I asked

"Jongup is living with Yunia, Himchan is living with Soomin, Daehyun is out right now, Youngjae is gonna move in with Yeri so he is staying with her, I have no one and Mia is currently with Youngjae on a date right now" he explained

"Well come on in" I smiled

He walked in.

"So how did everything go with Inseong and Minah" he asked 

"She said she doesn't know who to pick she wants to be with us both" I said 

|Himchan's pov|

"I'll be back home" I said grabbing my jacket getting out of bed

"What do you mean you'll be back home it's raining" Soomin asked raising up turning on the lamp

"Daehyun got in a fight at the bar so I have to go fetch my best friend" I said 

"Well here babe the keys" she said passing them to me

"I'll be back as soon as I can love" I smiled

"Be safe" she smiled

I walked out the house and got in the car before heading to the bar Daehyun I rushed in pulling him off the man.

"Daehyun" I said

"What" he slurred

"This is gonna ruin your image think of it now let's go" I said putting him the car

We pretty much argued on the way to the dorm.

"SO DRINKING WAS YOUR BEST CHOICE" I yelled looking at the rode

"IT WAS" he slurred

"Whatever" I said putting the car in park

I helped him out the car and got him to the dorm I seen Jongup.

"What are you doing here aren't you going to stay with Yunia" I asked

"Her dad and them came back and I decided not to go because they hate me" he said

"Well this loser is drunk so take care of him" I said

"You got it" he smiled

|Yunia's pov|

My bedroom light turned on and I sighed rubbing my eyes and raising up my mother was standing at the door.

"What do you want at this time" I asked 

"Well it's just we found an awful lot of stuff in the bedroom we're staying in and it all belongs to a man" she said 

"We can talk about this when I get off of work today" I said 

"Listen to me if that boyfriend, you think is gonna live with you, you're wrong" she said

"I don't care if you guys like it or not Jongup is my man not your man so go back to sleep and let me sleep" I said 

"I hate that boy and you know that" she said

I stood up walking towards her.

"I'm sick and tired of you and dad controlling me, If I choose to be with him I'll be with him I don't care if you hate him, What you say doesn't stop how much I love him, Think about mom you guys have been making choices for me, I'm able to do it on my own, If I wanted to be a real big bitch I could throw your stuff out in the rain but you guys are my mom and dad and I choose to let you stay here, Now you can face the fact I'll marry that man someday or you can go right now out of my life because Jongup isn't going anywhere" I said 

She didn't say anything.

"Got that?" I looked at her

"Understood" she said 

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