Chapter 42 |Tour Life|

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|Minah's pov|

"Okay are you ready" Youngbin asked

"I'm sure she is" Hwiyoung said 

"I am ready but before we leave can i please call someone" i asked

He nodded his head i thanked him and pulled out my phone calling Yongguk he didn't answer me so i left him a voice message.

"Hey Yongguk, Look I'm going on tour with the guys now and I'll take care of the babies so you can have them, You're right they do deserve to be with you, I have so much to do before i can be with them, They'll take care of me all though you don't care, I know that things haven't worked between us but you can have the kids when their born, By the way Inseong gave her a beautiful name, Your son is waiting to be named anyways, Stay safe and work hard, B.A.P Fighting" i said

I turned off my phone once it sent and got on with the boys the tour around Asia begins.

|Soomin's pov|

I woke up this morning and decided to look for a job it was going good between me and Himchan so far.No one has got in a fight or anything we seem to be going pretty good right now.I will miss being with Himchan but i know this is part of his job.The knock at the door caught me off guard.I opened the door and seen a man holding flowers.

"These are for you Mrs.Kim" he said

"My name is not Kim" i said

"I beg to differ" he smirked

I signed for the flowers and took them putting them on the kitchen table and opening the card.

Dear Soomin, I already miss spending time with you and cuddling with you, I sent you these flowers but i have a much better gift. You will get it in a couple days i dearly hope my princess has an amazing day. I hope you smile today and think of me your future husband~ Kim Himchan

I smiled as i put the card down i put the flowers in a vase with some water before going out the house.

|Yunia's pov|

"WRONG" the boss said

"Sir you have been working me since 5 in the morning to learn how to make this coffee what's wrong" i asked

"You missed too many days at work and i let that slide, If the coffee isn't black, It's sweet, Or has no taste, How can you work at a cafe and not know what you're doing" he scolded me

I stood still looking at the ground as my hands were closed together Jisoo smirking at me because she hates me.

"You are no longer a coffee maker you will clean the bathroom and close the shop every night if you even dare make one mistake doing that I'll fire you" he walked away

"Loser" Jisoo mumbled bumping my shoulder

I hate this job i picked up the cleaning supplies going to the bathroom i continued to clean everything in the bathroom.I hid as i heard Jisoo and her other best friend workers walk in.

"Yunia got moved down what a bitch" Jisoo said

"Yeah and did you hear she went with B.A.P one time do you think she is lowkey a whore?" friend 1 asked

"Probably if not maybe she pushes her body towards them" friend 2 laughed

"I hate her so much she thinks just because her family has money she can run over anyone well i tell you she is such a bitch and deserves to die no one likes her i have a plan" they walked out

I felt tears fall.

"Be strong don't get back into Yunia don't" i told myself

I can't go back to my past.


I would always get picked on at the cafe called names and Jisoo always hated me and would hit me if i made a mistake.I fell into deep depression with her doing that to me.I felt like i was alone and the world hated me.I walked to my bathroom and looked at the bottle.

"Well two shouldn't hurt" I picked it up

I took two pills.

"This will heal your pain" i took more

Soon i passed out i had woken up later in the bathroom floor still my head bleeding i must have hit it to hard.This felt like my happy pill and with each one i take it slowly ends my suffering.

|End Flashback|

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