Chapter 18 |Fixing|

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The door opened i seen Ri and Daehyun the manager looked back at me.

"I want all of these girls out of here and i want Daehyun to join you guys" he said

"He will not be doing that Daehyun is sick and i am taking care of him" Ri said

He pushed Ri away from Daehyun.

"All of you out now" he said 


"We finally get to go home" she said

"Yeah we can leave let me call the guys they could be around the girls" i said

I called but no one picked up after waiting Zelo called.

Zelo:We need your help the girls got kicked out of the company forever and can no longer comeback Daehyun is sick and there making him work with us on this dance

Me:You idiots when will you ever learn me and Minah will be back we are about to get on a plane

I hung up the phone.

"What's wrong" she asked

"The guys are being stupid now i have to go fix this" i said


Me and the guys were working for 6 hours straight and i was tired Himchan never got the chance to say sorry.Yunia can't call me because she turned off her phone Daehyun is throwing up every hour.

"This is what helped you guys can now go rest and be back here we have to talk about somethings" The manager said


"Okay so everyone got kicked out of the building and now you girls can't go back maybe we can make this right" i said 

Yunia seemed to of had a little bit of tears in her eyes.

"You okay" Mia asked

"Yeah it's just Jongup and me were doing so well we need jobs" she said

"We can work at the company i might not be that much of a smart type but this is the best idea" Yeri said

There was a knock on the door Ri stood up and opened it.

"This is for you" she said

She moved out the way there was Himchan smiling he was looking at me i walked over and took the roses out of his hand.

"I know the things i said were wrong and yes i know that we might not be together but Soomin i wanna change that" he said

"I-i don't know what to say, Himchan i will be with you" i said

He leaned in and kissed me.


We were in the plane to Korea after hours passing it was night in Korea and me and Yongguk were tired.

"Would you guys like some snacks" the women asked

"My girlfriend is pregnant can you bring some more snacks" Yongguk asked

She nodded and went to get more.

"Yongguk you didn't have to" i said

"Minah you have to eat for the baby and i need to make sure you both feel good" he said

I was being told all these things about Sarah and it did make me upset i needed a place to stay.

"Yongguk i need a place to stay" i said

"Well the company wouldn't let you stay with me but you can until i find a place" he smiled


"You all have new fitness coaches you will know them but no flirting" he said 

The girls in wearing White shirts tucked into there red fitness shorts.

"Listen up guys we all might be bonding but you losers will be working out starting now" Yeri smirked

"Daehyun have some water and this and go take this pill and drink some water and take a break" Ri smiled sweetly 

"Okay so we didn't want you to flirt we made each of you our personal student" Ri said

Soomin & Zelo

Wendy & Himchan

Ri & Jongup

Yeri & Yongguk

Yunia & Daehyun, Youngjae 

Mia group Assistant


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