Chapter 49 |When can it unfold|

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|Minah's pov|

"Hey Minah what time do you work today" Inseong asked 

"Well I'm suppose to be leaving now but are you sure you can take care of yourself without me" I asked worried

"Yes Minah I'm a grown man I got this" he said smiling

"Okay but if you need anything don't be afraid to call me even in work I'll take time off" I said

I hugged him and walked out the apartment walking all the way to work as I put on my tag I walked into the practice room where Sf9 was waiting.

"You showed up, How is Inseong" Youngbin asked

"He's doing fine have you guys did you dance practice this morning" I asked 

"Not yet because we were told to give you these papers when you walked in" Dawon said pulling out papers

I took the papers.

"What is all of this" I asked

"Well due to Inseong's injury, It was all known as your fault and so you are paying for anything that has to be paid until he comes back" Zuho explained 

"How is that my fault" I asked getting annoyed

"It isn't but if you wanna talk to the company about this you can" Rowoon said 

I walked out the room and went to the front desk putting the papers down.

"You showed" she said sounding disappointed

"Of course it's my job but anyways Inseong's injury is not my fault so I shouldn't have to pay, Inseong even knows it wasn't my fault, So take these papers back and look over everything to find the full story" I said 

"Do you have a story" she asked looking up from the computer

"Yes, I was working and doing some copies of papers for the boys of all the upcoming events, I heard a loud thud but took it as nothing, Next thing you know Taeyang rushes down and drags me to the room and I see Inseong on the floor in pain and he's crying that's my story I'll not accept these papers until you guys look at it" I said walking off

|Mia's pov|

I open my eyes and raised up and honestly I felt my blood run cold and beside me laid Daehyun. With no clothes on I yelled and he raised up and soon yelled but we stopped.

"What the hell are you doing here" I asked

"What do you mean I have no clue how I even got here" he said 

"As if why are you in the bed with me" I asked

"Maybe we you know" he said 

"No you belong to my best friend" I said

"Okay let's get dressed and act like this never happened" he said 

"Agreed and you can't tell Youngjae" he said 

"I won't if you keep this from Ri" he said

"Agreed" I said 

|Inseong's pov|

A loud knock made me raise up I limped to the door opening it to see Yongguk with flowers.

"Is Minah home" he asked 

"No" I said coldly 

"Well when does she get back" he asked coldly 

"I don't know" I said 

"Look I have no clue why you're even here in the first place but if you aren't with her you don't deserve her" he said

"I have no time" I said

"Yeah well I do" he said punching me

|Ri's pov|

I tapped my foot waiting for the door to open and to reveal someone I dearly needed to talk to. Daehyun walked in and sat down.

"So Daehyun you finally showed" I said 

"Yeah you deserve to talk to me" he said 

"Well I wanna fix this" I said pointing to us both

We started to talk and he kept saying he understood and soon he held my hands.

"Okay Ri we can work this out so tomorrow me and you can go on a date" he smiled

"I love you" I kissed him

|Daehyun's pov|

"I love you" she kissed me 

If I tell her I slept with Mia it would ruin everything between us going on so I decided it would be best if she never finds out about us sleeping with each other. I hate to hurt her and keep this secret but I have to.

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