Chapter 26 |Minah's gone|

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|Yongguk's pov|

I had woken up because today is the last day the company is allowing any free time and i wanna spend it with Minah.I thought she would be sleeping but maybe she went to see Mia last night since she lives there.I walked to the practice room because me and the guys go there when we wake up to talk about practice.Mia was pacing back and forth everyone was awake.

"Did i miss something" i asked

"M-Minah is gone, she is missing she texted me and said she would be over so keep the door unlocked and i did but i had woken up to the door still closed but no sign of Minah and her bed hasn't been touched so i know something is going on" Mia's voice was shaking

I was now worried.

"I seen her last night but that's when she first walked out of the company and i lost sight of her when she turned the corner" Ri said

"Okay everyone keep calm we can call the police" Wendy slightly smiled

"Where is Zelo" I asked

"He got surgery last night but he is still recovering from it" she tapped her foot

I ran to see my manger.

"Help" i said

He only gave me a stern look.

"No time for any of this practice talk my girlfriend is missing she's been kidnapped and she is pregnant with my child i can't lose them both just not now or ever so please call the police" i said

"Calm Down Yongguk me and the company will find Minah and get this for you but for now you should go talk about practice i did say that you guys had to work today just a little but tomorrow the real practice starts" he said

I was honestly sad because she wasn't here and it seems like i can't find her with the company keeping me on watch.

|Minah's pov|

I was awake on a couch but it all came back i use to live here but no one was around.Fans kidnapped me i was sure of it.They knew where i was and now they brought me back to kill me.

"You're awake" a female said

I was tied to the couch she out the bags on the kitchen table and turned my way.

"S-Sarah" i spoke

"Yeah, it's me i kidnapped you but it's all because of you ever since you met b.a.p you were their one time favorite they loved you and adored how you and Yongguk loved each other and because of you Youngjae hates me ever since you told them shit about me" she scoffed

"You told them stuff no one was gonna know but you couldn't keep that mouth shut i hate you" i said

She only smiled and started to cook.

"You know i hate cooking a meal for a pregnant woman like you so i will help you out" she smiled

She picked up a knife and the sharp it was close to touching my belly.

"I hate you, but i wouldn't take the baby away some fans will" she smirked

Fans walked in the house and closed the door.

"End her life and the baby's life no one is to make it out alive anymore" she smiled

They started to hit me and even in my stomach i cried begging them to stop but the pain was so much their going to kill my baby.

|Mia's pov|

I took it upon myself to go find her i need to make sure she is okay.I heard crying behind a house i wanted to check to i did.I seen her fert chained up outside she was bruised and bloody her stomach was bruised and bloody.I was gonna walk towards her but Sarah walked out.

"Listen here Bitch you are lucky i even made them stop but for sure i know your baby is dead" she smiled

"Please stop don't do this we could work this out really" she cried

Sarah helped her out.

"You're coming inside of this house for more beatings" she smirked

She took her Bingo now all i have to do it report it to the guys.

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