Chapter 51 |Losing you|

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|Minah's pov|

I walked in the house the worst fucking dinner of my life but I felt tears fall down my face. I was heartbroken because now I know the world hates me. I walked in the bedroom to check on Inseong but he wasn't there. So I picked up the note left on the bed. 

Dear Minah, Me and Zuho are gonna take care of Inseong why you get rest we also left you money to buy a new coffee table. If you need anything let us know and always call us. See you at work tomorrow ~ Rowoon

I smiled and put the note down I wanted to let go of Yongguk and be with Inseong but he is still gonna stick to me like glue until I have these babies. 

|Wendy's pov|

"Take this pill right here and get some rest you turn out to be doing better" the doctor said 

I smiled and took the pill I wish Zelo was here I miss him talking to me but I need to get some rest. My friends had left me some gifts like candies and flowers. 

"Will I stop coughing blood now or am I still sick" I asked 

"No ever since you had that surgery darling you seem healthier but you gotta take this to numb some pain from the surgery" he said 

|Youngjae's pov|

"Look Youngjae I know there is a lot to explain but baby please let me explain it" she said

"Go ahead" I gave in 

"I was a teen when I had this baby and yes it was because I didn't care but I gave him up for adoption because I wasn't ready to be a mother and I still can't seem to be one" she said 

I hugged her.

"Don't worry about it the past is the past" I said

|Jongup's pov|

"Will we still be getting coffee for tomorrow" she asked

"I don't know it depends on work and everything that has to be done" I said 

"Look I'm sorry they treat you like shit" she said 

"No it's okay because what they say doesn't change how I feel about you" I kissed her

I waved and walked away from the house.

|Minah's pov|

I picked up the phone calling Inseong he picked up the phone we started to talk about work and I explained it all. Everything but my feelings.

"I miss you being around it's so boring can you and the guys come stay with me for tonight I could use comfort" I said

He chuckled over the phone saying they'll be there I felt my heart beating so I quickly texted Yongguk.

Minah: Yongguk I give you full rights to the kids the only reason you stuck around is because of them. When they get born you can have them and maybe replace me with some other woman. Not here to fight or argue over anything just saying, I wanna move on and these past days told me something. I was losing you and I finally did, Not something I'm proud of but you deserve to be happy. I'll be moving on with my life now and hopefully I find my true love, Inseong

I sent the text and sighed turning off my phone.


I raised up and looked around the living room to see peaceful guys sleeping they have been such a good help. I woke up and started to make breakfast for them I finished the last plate and woke them up.

"Thank you for the breakfast" Dawon smiled

"Inseong" I shook him

He opened his eyes.

"Wake up silly" I smiled

"Good Morning" he smiled

I gave him his plate and everyone started eating and soon packed up.

"We have to get back so we can work today see you later" Jaeyoon said

They walked out and I smiled I washed the plates and walked back in the living room.

"Inseong....I have something to dearly say" I said

"Okay you can tell me anything" he said looking at me

"Meeting you and working with you has been the best out of everything, You helped me so far and being with you made me see that you really are a cutie and so sweet, I fell in love with you Inseong and all I do is ask you to accept my feelings" I said



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