Chapter 25 |Problems|

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|Wendy's pov|

I have been at the hospital for sometime now and i am very nervous he went into surgery and never came out.I watched the clock counting down every second, minute, hour i was so afraid of what happened.I walked up to the desk.

"Hello" the women smiled

"Hello, I came up here to ask about someone you guys have he has been in surgery for 2 hours now and he hasn't come out no one has talked to me about something or even let me know he is okay" i said

"Okay could i get his name" she asked

"Choi Junhong" i said

She typed his name in the computer.

"He has, i can see what's going on and let you know" she smiled

She walked to the back i leaned waiting and waiting Ri and Daehyun ran inside.

"Hey i got your text is he okay" she asked

"I don't know he's been in surgery for 2 hours and it's worrying me now because without him here i am nothing, i wanna dance with him like we use to do" i looked down

The women walked back.

"Choi Junhong is in his room right now they were so caught up with the papers and checking more of his test they forgot but his room is on the 4th floor in his card holder it should tell you his doctors name is Riley" she smiled

We all walked took the stairs and as we got to the floor i looked for her name and seen it.I opened the door and broke down.He was still sleeping the sight of the machine beeping and the cords on him bothered me.I felt like all of this was my fault if i took better care of him this would never happen.

|Yeri's pov|

I was sleeping when all of a sudden a knock was to be heard i sighed and put on my house shoes.I walked downstairs to see Sarah with a look of sadness.

"Can we talk" she asked 

"Fine" i said

She walked in and sat down i started to put on something warm to drink for the both of us since it gets so cold at night.

"So" i sat beside her

"This is about Youngjae, i don't wanna let him go but i see how happy he is and it hurts me i try to explain but when i do you always get in the way" she pouted

"I do because if he says stop or leave him alone you should catch on okay i hate to see you pester him and bother him what are you his stalker?, Going around bothering the hell out of him" i scoffed  

"Well maybe if you didn't come along everything would be fine you whore" she said 

"Maybe if you didn't sleep with so many other men and didn't act like such a bitch because he missed 1 date you would be fine" i said

"Who are you to even have say so i like him i know more about him" she scoffed

"All you know is he's an idol with some cash in his pocket unlike you i would love to talk to him and know more about him for being a normal human, i might be a fan but i love his voice and his smile and i love when he talks with happiness" i said

She only felt defeated by my words which were true and i mean every single word that i just said about him.

"You act like he loves you" she said

"Even if he doesn't i love him and i would tell him a hundred times if i named everything i loved about him i would be 100 years old because i have so much to tell him" i said

She only nodded her head.

"I see" she said 

She started to hit me but i didn't do anything about it because she is wasting my time.

|Minah's pov|

I was asleep with Yongguk he was so warm i loved to hear his heart beat and his light snores his perfect face.I couldn't ask for anything else but him and our child it was perfect.I for some reason couldn't sleep.I decided to go back to Mia's place and sleep so i was ready to leave.As soon as i was walking fans started to glare at me.I felt a rag cover my face i was trying to breath but i fell to ground.

|||OMG! Who could of kidnapped Minah???|||

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