Chapter 4 |My Baby|

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I woke up none of it was a dream i had to announce to the boys but worse my family.I got up and showered i dried my hair and fixed my makeup.

"You look okay" Sarah said

"I'm so nervous I'm gonna tell the boys and I'm gonna invite the guys all of them over for dinner with my family tonight" i said

"Good plan I'll clean this place go to the boys" she smiled

I walked out i grabbed the keys and drove to the dorm i couldn't be seen by anyone.I looked before i got out i walked and knocked on the door Zelo opened it.

"Minah what brought you here" he asked

"Before you guys leave for practice all day i would like to come in and talk to you guys" i said


I sat on the couch all the boys looking at me it was silent for awhile but i finally decided to talk.

"So um i was feeling pain and Sarah drove me to the hospital and i wasn't sure-"

"No offense but we are busy today can you just get to the point" Jongup said

"Yes I'm pregnant" i said

The boys cheered and were happy they sounded so happy to be uncle's to this baby.Yongguk cried he got up and walked over to me hugging me.

"Yongguk you okay" I asked

"Minah t-thank you" he cried

I hugged him back i was worried he didn't want it but i see now there tears or joy.He broke the hug.

"Tonight my family is gonna have dinner and i wanted to take all you with me so i can announce to them" I said

They nodded at me i got up Yongguk opened the door all the boys hugged me and Yongguk kissed my cheek.He smiled and closed the door as i walked away.I made a call with my mom telling her I'll be over for tonight with some friends.

"Minah" A guy said

"Taeyong" i said

"You never called me" he said

Taeyong and me are childhood friends we hung out at a party and i never got to call him.I was so busy i had forgot.

"Taeyong I'm sorry i have been so busy that i wasn't able to call you I'm pregnant" i said

"Wow that's amazing" he said

We talked for a good 45 minutes before i seen that i really needed to go.He said his bye and walked on i walked on to i was going back to the house to see Sarah.

"Hey how did it go" She asked

"Amazing Yongguk cried and i thought he didn't want it but turns out they were tears of Joy" I said

"Okay well i cleaned you're room and i cleaned my room and the bathroom, Kitchen, Living room i even fixed the backyard" She said

"Um i guess i should go change now I'll have to be sure the boys aren't busy" i said

"I called Youngjae and he said they are getting ready now" she said

"Okay I'll go get ready right now" i said

I ran to my room looking for an outfit to wear my parents don't allow outfits with to much skin.I'm grown now so i don't care anymore.

I took a couple Selcas and walked out the room Sarah smiled she wasn't gonna go

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I took a couple Selcas and walked out the room Sarah smiled she wasn't gonna go.I grabbed the keys and called the boys they said they were ready and i was on my way to get them.

"How do you think they'll feel" Daehyun asked

"I don't know" i said

We had pulled up at the house and got out the car i knocked and my grandma opened the door.

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