Chapter 37 |This isn't the final goodbye|

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|Soomin's pov|

I paid the taxi driver the girls were wasted except Minah because she was pregnant.

"Help me get them out please" I spoke

"I just texted Yongguk him and guys are coming out" she said

The guys came out and grabbed the girls I sighed and got out the car.

|Jongup's pov|

"I had an amazing time" she slurred

I sighed.

"It's time you go to bed here let me put you in this shirt" I smiled

After I got her dressed she fell asleep I turned off the light and walked out the door helping Daehyun with Mia.

"So is everything okay" I asked

"What do you mean" he asked trying to get Mia to sit down

"Well with you and Ri" I said

"I don't know, I love her but she just won't even text or call me" he sighed

After Mia was put to the bed like the other girls it was just Minah and Soomin.The only girls in their right minds.

|Youngjae's pov|

I took in a deep breath before knocking on the door to see a woman and a man.I hope Minah sent me to the right place.

"Are you Youngjae? The young man Minah told us was coming" the male said

"Yes sir are you here mom and dad" I asked

"Yes we are come in" she smiled 

I thanked them.

|Time Skip|

I sat at the table with her mom and dad.

"So could you guys just tell me somethings about Minah" I asked

"She was always different when school would start in middle school she told them she refused to be in a school where all shall be the same, She was brave and pretty smart, She never let anyone or anything in her way, That's when Minah came in the picture we loved her like she was a daughter, They grew up to stick by each others side and they showed who they really were" she said

"She also won a lot of things and use to have a passion for sports" he said

I checked the time.

"I should go now I really enjoyed this time with you but I have to be going" I spoke

"Okay" her mom said

They hugged me before I walked out the door I was looking down at my phone when I bumped into a lady.

"I'm so sorry" I said

"No problem" she smiled

T-That smile comes from no other.

"Sarah" I said

"You might have me mistaken for someone my name is not Sarah but Yunjin could I help you with anything" she asked

"Sorry I was thinking of someone" I sighed

"You dumbass of course it's me" she smiled

"You died!?!?!" I yelled

"Well yeah...about that..." she played with her fingers

"I want an answer and now" I ordered

"Can we talk at the dorm" she said

|Time Skip|

I sat down.

"Now tell me about this" I said

"I knew I fucked up pretty much your life and everyone else' I thought if I faked my death...I could change my name and start over, Look Youngjae I meant you no harm but really this whole thing between us has to stop, I know you don't love Yeri but you can't keep running back and forth because one day you will try and she or me won't be there, Sooner or later you will want to take it all back" she said 

I stayed silent.

"I changed my name to Yunjin I am a writer now for a company and soon will be coming out with a lot of things, I am also the next top model, Plus I got this huge deal to be a tv host and I took up all those, I just want you to know I never meant to hurt you" she spoke sadly

I hugged her.

"Friends is all we can stay but maybe you should explain this to me and your family because Minah has been down because of this" I slightly smiled

"I guess we'll go to Hawaii" she said

"How did you know" I asked

"I have my ways now let's go" she smiled

|Yongguk's pov|

I was trying to sleep with Minah but sadly I could tell she couldn't sleep.

"Minah, Sarah is gonna be okay now" I smiled

She nodded her head and cuddled up beside me but all of sudden she moved away from me.

"W-Why are you moving" I asked

"Yongguk I think maybe...maybe you should just let me give you the kids and I leave as soon as their born..I never got a chance in life to follow what I wanted...I could have the kids and you can take care of them and when I do what needs to be done..we can finally be happy" she said 

"No I can't even picture it like that" he said 

"I wanna do what I have been meaning to do and as soon as I come back we can finally be a family...I wanna be in America following my dreams" she said sadly

"Look I will not let the mother of my fucking kids leave me" I growled in anger standing up

She stood up also.

"You think I asked for this! Yes I love my kids, I can't wait to see them in this world, but do you think I asked to get drunk that night?, Do you think I wanted to even meet you?, Did you think I wanted that one night stand?, Life was so hard on me as soon as I became pregnant the fucking world is against me Yongguk, and it's all because of the people around us" she said 

I couldn't say much.

"I want to go to America and work hard and do what I always wanted to do, You know what it's like to push so hard and you might not get it the first time but you will soon enough, You never gave up what you wanted but me I have no choice, I have to give it up and when I have these kids, You need to support my choices, I would never walk out of their lives but you have been treating me like shit and I might even walk out yours" she walked out 

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