Chapter 39 |Nobody's perfect|

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|Minah's pov|

"I'm was not my place to come in here and make all of this guys deserve to be happy with each other even if i'm not happy with myself or my choices, All of you work hard to show how much you care but I came in and ruined it...if you guys will forgive each other I could care less how low you think of me..i'll be going back to Seoul so please have a great time" I smiled 

"You will be in Seoul alone and it's not good for the babies" Soomin stood up

"Yes I know this but I have to make sure I can provide for me and my kids when Yongguk might leave us someday" I spoke

"And name 10 reasons why the hell I would leave you" he crossed his arms

I stood still.

"I love you, You work hard, You're beautiful, You have our life growing, We will be having a family, I get to marry you someday, I can run and play with my kids, You could always play with the kids, We could cuddle and watch tv with them, Sing with them, Dance with them , Cook with them and just spend time as a family, I have no reasons to ever leave you but you have to go to's the only way you can calm down and give it sometime before you get up and move" he smiled 

|Yeri's pov|

I was hurting was Youngjae really gonna leave me for Sarah is this really how things will be.I laid in bed trying to sleep but feeling a empty space beside me kept me awake.The door had opened and I seen Sarah.

"What" I said raising up

"I wanna talk for your sake and mine and Youngjae's" she sat beside me

I only sighed.

"Yeri I use to be so jealous of you and what you had with Youngjae but you deserve him not me, When I left him sad you were there to lift him up, I guess I was a bitch but no one will ever make him happy like you do, He smiles brighter and laughs louder, Sometimes things hurt but I would never try to take him from you, I would never wanna hurt you or the people around you, Youngjae is the best guy in the world and every girl would want him, You love him and I know you do, So you have to be happy with him when I can't be" she gave me a ring and stood up

Youngjae cleared his throat.

"Could I talk to Yeri?" he asked

"Yes" She smiled 

She walked out and I stood up.

"Youngjae" I said

He hugged me tightly and I slowly hugged him back.

"You know Yeri I hate fighting and i'm sick of acting like I don't love you, Yeah you drink a lot but hey you can never be tied down either" he pulled away

"I just wanna let you know I love you and hopefully we can be happy" I said kissing him

"I'm like really tired" he said

|Time Skip/Daehyun's pov|

I knew there was no way to make things right with her so I have to talk to her and clear this bullshit out the way.I have to show her I care about her and I will support her dream.

"You're awake" Yongguk rubbed his eyes

"Yes" I nodded my head

"I heard some noise and came to see what it was....Shouldn't you be sleeping" he asked

"Yeah but I just wanna talk to Ri and I have to find Mia a guy because everyone is worth someone" I said

"I met this one guy who fits her pretty good I could talk to him tomorrow but get some rest and we can make all of this up tomorrow for Ri" he said

He walked back in the room Minah was gone so I couldn't ask her for advice.Everyone was asleep.I needed someone to talk to right now and Jongup would be the best person.As I slowly opened the door Yunia walked out the room.

"You scared me" she whispered closing the door

"I needed someone to talk to like how could I make it up to Ri" I asked

"Well Jongup is asleep so thank god you got me" she smiled 

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