Chapter 46 |Just Another day|

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Skipping past the tour and now they are back.

|Yongguk's pov|

It was morning everyone came over to help me fix up the house and put everything together. This will be the house I will raise my kids in. It was going good so far.

|Minah's pov|

"What time will you be at work tomorrow" Taeyang asked

"Sometime in the afternoon" I said 

"Okay also don't forget we have filming tomorrow for some show" Youngbin said

"Guys I'm a staff member now and trust me I deal with you boys for hours I got this" I smiled

I walked out as I walked down I seen Ri I smiled brightly and hugged her.

"Oh my god how have things been in JYP" I asked 

"Amazing so turns out I'll be in this band but I will be the only girl there is 8 of us and I am the only one out of guys" she said

"How does Daehyun feel about that" I asked

"We um....tried to talk it out well I have but it doesn't seem to work so it seems we are over completely" she said

"You could always try again" I said

"He doesn't wanna be with me I complete get that I got Youngjae though a girlfriend his girlfriend is Mia since everything has been going good between them....You wanna meet them tonight over dinner" she asked

"Sure" I said

"Okay I will also invite the other guys" she said 

She waved and walked away I got in the bus waiting for my stop to come and it finally did once I got off I walked to the apartment. I unlocked the door to my apartment and kicked off my shoes walking to the kitchen. As I opened the fridge door I seen a glass bottle of strawberry milk with a note.

Dear Minah, I miss you being around Yongguk and honestly it felt like hell when you left. I hope you are enjoying your day. Here is your strawberry milk love you ~ Yunia

I smiled and started to drink it.

|Zelo's pov|

I jumped up and down walking back in the house.

"Guys I gotta go Wendy finally woke up from surgery" I smiled

"Go ahead and go tell her we said hi and we love her" Mia said 

I rushed out the door getting a ride to the hospital once I got out I rushed in heading to the desk. I reached her room and smiled as she was sitting up drinking milk.

"Hey baby" she opened her arms

I hugged her.

"I'm so happy you're okay I missed you so much" I said

"Hey" she pulled away

"What" I asked

"I called my grandma and she is gonna sell us her house" she said

"That's great but honestly babe when do you get out" I asked

"I don't know I'll ask so catch me up on everything I missed" she smiled 

I pulled a chair next to her bed and started to explain it to her.

|Yunia's pov|

"We finished this whole house" I said

"Thank you guys so much for helping" Yongguk smiled

"Hey it was all because we care and love you" Jongup said

"I guess we should go now" Himchan said

Soon enough we heard a knock at the door I opened it and it was Ri she smiled.

"We haven't see you in awhile" I hugged her

"I know I have been so caught up in work but I really wanna get to talk to you guys and let you guys meet my members so meet me and Minah tonight at the Restaurant by the park bye guys" she walked out 

Daehyun didn't seem happy to see her I slowly walked his way.

"Were you mad at her" I asked

"Look I just don't wanna be with her" he said 

"Still show up and meet her members I'm sure her girl group is friendly" I smiled

"Fine" he sighed

"Good now come with me so we can get ready to meet them tonight"  I said dragging him out the house with Jongup

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