Chapter 40 |New guy friends|

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|Minah's pov|

I had woken up in the morning loving the nice sunny day being alone was not something I liked. No one to see or any place to look. Just me and my twins who I dearly can't wait to meet. I showered and got dressed. I was walking to get some fresh air when a guy randomly ran into me.

"I'm so sorry Ma'am" he said

"No it's okay really" I said 

He pulled down his mask.

"Oh my god" I said shocked

"What" he chuckled

"You're Inseong, From Sf9" I smiled

"Glad you know me" he smiled

"What are you doing walking around, Fans are crazy you could get hurt" I asked

"I should be asking the same" he said 

"What" I giggled

"Well you're with Bang Yongguk of B.A.P, It's not safe for you to walk around even pregnant fans could kill you, They are crazy enough to try" he said 

We ended up at the park talking to each other.

"So what do you plan to do on your own" he asked

"I don't know maybe just live freely without Yongguk watching me like a hawk" I said 

"It's good he does people are crazy and he's just looking out for you and the baby" he smiled

"Oh I'm having twins" I said

"Really??, If you don't mind me asking could I name one" he said

"Depends what do I get out of this if I let you name my daughter right now" I asked

"Food, Tickets and backstage passes to Sf9's concerts, Let you join us on tour around Asia, Pay for anything you want" he said

"I want the food, Tickets, Backstage passes and the tour around Asia" I said

"You got it now can I name it" he smiled

"Go ahead but it has to go with Bang" I explained

|Yongguk's pov|

I walked out the room to see everyone talking and laughing.

"Yongguk have you seen the news" Yunia asked

"No" I shook my head

"Well read it" Soomi passed me her phone

Minah also known as Bang Yongguk's girlfriend has been spotted at the park with a former member of Sf9 Inseong. Many think they are on a date and some think it's just a friendly meet up. Fans are dearly angry and asked her what they were talking about. Minah responded with 'Inseong is naming one of my twins'. Do you think something is going on? or not?.

"I'm not gonna let some stupid website talk about her she deserves to have friends even if that means it's a guy but to let someone else name a baby of mine, I do not agree of that and she knows it, Plus why the hell did she say they were twins, All the fucking public needed to know was she was pregnant, Can't even keep her mouth shut long enough" I said pissed 

"Yongguk don't get pissed off it's our last day here" Zelo said

"Yeah and besides you should relax being a leader of idiots is hard" Wendy giggled

I smiled softly.

"Why are you smiling we aren't idiots" Jongup said

"I beg to differ" I said

"Hey but it's our last day here we might as well go back we haven't paid any attention to work" Youngjae said 

-Time Skip-

"What are you gonna tell her" Daehyun asked as we were on the plane 

"Nothing much and I have to get back to work so I have to put her off for awhile" I shrugged 

|Yunia's po|

"Hey are you okay" I asked Wendy

"No" she said

"What's wrong" I asked

Before she could speak she coughed up blood which took me by surprise. 

"Wendy respond to me" I said

"I'll be fine just give me something to wipe my hands off with" she said 

"Ma'am could I get something to clean her up with" I asked

"Yes" she smiled 

She came back with paper towels and soon I started to clean Wendy's hands she slowly leaned her had back.

"I'll go talk to Zelo before we take off" I said 

"No don't it's pointless I'm gonna die and I know this all I want is to be happy" she said

"You aren't gonna die don't say that" I said 

"I'm gonna nap" she closed her eyes

I slowly got up and walked to where Zelo was sitting.

"Take care of her" I smiled

"I will because I love her" he smiled

"She said she is gonna die and all she wants is to die happy" I said

"With me by her side she isn't gonna die....Just trust me I'll be sure of it" he said 

|Minah's pov|

"Thanks for the food guys it was amazing" I smiled 

"Hey Inseong paid so anything is good" Rowoon joked

"What did he name the baby" Zuho asked

"That is a secret" I smiled

"Hey our concert is tonight which is an opening to our Asia tour you are coming right" Youngbin asked

"Of course" I smiled

"We should get going" Chani said

We all walked out and I hugged them.

"Bye guys thanks for the meal" I waved to them

"Stay safe" Inseong yelled before they left my sight

My phone was ringing.

"Oh it's Yongguk" I answered it walking off

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