Chapter 23 |The shocking news|

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|Minah's pov|

Things were starting to get hard because it feels like i want Yongguk but i don't i love him but my heart also says Daehyun.It had me so confused now do i really want Yongguk or do i really want Daehyun.I was trying to get myself to calm down at the park just to get some air when i noticed Daehyun.

"Hey" he sat beside me

"Daehyun we need to talk" i spoke

"Go ahead" he said

"Yongguk is a sweet guy and very nice and i love being with him but i also have feelings for you because you are just like him, i love you both but i don't know how to choose you guys" i said

He looked me in the eye.

"I don't have those feelings for you it was one mistake and besides i am happy with my life and i am not the father go back to the doctor and ask for another test, you have to love him because if you do this you will only hurt him and i hate to break it to you but i won't let you keep contact with him if you hurt him, he is a sweet guy so don't turn that around" he frowned

"So you thought of me as a one night stand, i am not someone who does all of those bad things you know" i spat

"Well you were the one who went to hang out with me also you did throw yourself on me and last time i remember you were the one that wanted it to happen when i said stop so Minah you can not get mad at me" he said 

|Zelo's pov|

I wasn't feeling so good i just wanted to throw up everything i ever ate or even drink.

"Hey kiddo let's get to work" Wendy smiled

"Later i don't feel good" i said

"Why" she asked

She sat on the floor in front of me touching my face and cheeks.

"You feel a bit warm come with me to my dorm i can treat you for anything you have" she smiled

She helped me to her dorm.

|Himchan's pov|

I was so sad because Soomin has been ignoring me for whatever reason she just walks on by and leaves my text on read.I hate this happening and since it's night time she should be coming to her.I sat down waiting when i seen her walk up.

"H-Himchan what brought you here" she asked

"We need to have a talk" i said

"I have something i have to tell you Himchan something that might shock you or even make you hate me, tbh i don't see how i could ever notice this but Himchan" she said

I noticed tears coming down her face what news was going to break what was she going to do.


"So is that a yes or a no" she smiled

We were just making some plans writing them and putting them in a box we were writing our future and agreeing with each other.

"Yes" i said

She wrote down what she wanted and put it in the box.

"I want to be happily married to a girl named Yunia" i smiled

"I agree" she giggled

I wrote it down and put it in the box when there was a knock at the door i opened it to see Himchan breathing hard.He has been crying but what hurt him he walked in and sat in the chair.

"Himchan what happened" Yunia asked

"Soomin" he said

"Oh my god man could you just spit it out already i am waiting to hear the news or did it send you in so much shock" i smiled

"Soomin and me can't be together because she is........"

|||Oh my god i feel so evil for leaving you guys like that i never meant to|||

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