Chapter 22 |We have to fix it|

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It's been a couple days since me and Yongguk last talked and now i am worried he hates me.He won't respond and the only one who will is Daehyun.I knew that to make it right i had to fix all of this with them and get mu yongguk back.


I woke up and raised my head to see myself in the bed cuddled beside Yunia i cracked a small chuckle.I got out of our cuddle and kissed her cheek she grabbed my hand.

"Where are you going" she asked

"To work it's like we can never catch a break baby" i said

"Skip work today i wanna cuddle" she giggled

"Sorry i want to but it just can't work like that" i frowned

"Please i want you to stay you promised me yesterday last night that you would spend the entire day with me so you have to keep your promise or not kisses for 3 weeks" she said

I sighed finally saying fine and getting back in bed with her.

"I love you" she smiled

"I love you too" i smiled


I sat down with my notebook and headphone writing lyrics when the door opened.Zelo walked in.

"Yes" i said

"Jongup has a solo coming up but he isn't here and Hyung i wanted to know if you seen Daehyun and everyone their gone" he said

I took my headphones off all the way and slammed my notebook down making Zelo jump.

"They know that today is their fucking day to get up and get to work all they care about is girls and i don't have time right now so call all of them and tell them group meeting in the practice room" i coldly said

He nodded before closing the door and me wearing my headphones again.


I smiled as i thought about the salsa dance that we won sadly though she broke her ankle.I had to check on her but how was i gonna get away from Yongguk hyung.I thought about it until i finally got an idea.

"I'll walk out without making a sound and play music to make it sound like we're dancing" i said

I put my plan into action and it worked right before i could leave the women at the desk stopped me.

"Be sure to comeback and tell Himchan someone sent him something" she said

"Okay" i said


I sat down with Soomin at her house talking and watching tv but sadly she didn't look happy.

"What's bothering you" i asked

She didn't day anything.

"Hello" i waved my hand in her face

"Yes" she said

"What has you in your thoughts" i asked

"Well Minah is pregnant and her and Yongguk will have a child and i-i want one but not with just anyone i want one with you Himchan i wanna have a kid and it acts like you and looks like you" she said

"Soomin i don't wanna rush this with you can't a family wait? I mean i can't just throw myself on you and you can't just give yourself to me when i don't wanna do this right now" i smiled

"It's okay Himchan don't worry we can adopt" she said

"No" i said

We both stood up and she touched my arm.

"Come on" she giggled

I pushed her arm off of me.

"I said i don't wanna rush stop trying" i said


The police walked to my cell.

"It wasn't your fault we didn't find anything on you" they said

I thanked them and grabbed my jacket tossing it on me when i walked out Daehyun was there.

"What the hell is it" i asked

"Look Ri i know i was a jerk to you and i'm sorry i should of took sometime to think about it so please forgive me" he said

I giggled and hugged him.

"It's okay DaeDae it's fine" i smiled


I walked around the mall sipping my drink and holding my bags i loved shopping.

"No i don't wanna be with you" i heard a male

I turned the corner to see Youngjae fighting with that Sarah girl i put my drink on a table with my bags.

"Leave him alone, He said he doesn't wanna be with you open your fucking eyes and leave him alone, you didn't think about him when you hurt him so shut the fuck up already with this i miss you shit!, Also if he is dating anyone she will be someone like me so move on" i said

She walked away quickly i picked up my stuff.

"Thanks" he said

"No problem" i said

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