Chapter 19 |We keep it going|

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(2 weeks later/Minah)

I kissed Yongguk today i was moving in with Mia she said she okay with me living with her.I have been eating more and i just can't stop eating.I noticed little bit of growing in my stomach i felt someone wrap there arms around me.

"I love you" Yongguk said in his morning voice

"I love you too" i said 

I kissed his lips.

"Ew no more sex you guys are already having a kid" Himchan scoffed

I threw a pillow at him.

"You will have a baby with Soomin" i said

"Not right now i need to let the company approve" he said

"Yongguk didn't need it" i said

"yeah but It was a mistake" he said

Once he noticed what he had said he continued to say sorry.

"Don't worry Himchan we know what you meant" Yongguk chuckled


I had sat in the chair and waited for her to start speaking.

"Okay you wanna sign you and your friends up for group therapy" she said

"Yes ma'am we have so much going on and it would be great if you would help us" i said

"Okay well can you tell me there problems are would you like to just take these papers home and sign them" she smiled

"I'll sign them here" i said

I grabbed the pen and paper and started signing each page making sure i didn't miss anything.

"I'm done" i said 

"Perfect come in tomorrow at 2 p.m and bring everyone" she smiled

"How much will this cost" i asked

"Around 2 - 500, Therapy is not cheap" she said

I looked in my bag passing her my card.


"So" Yunia wrapped her arms around my neck

"So" i smiled

"Since you have time off i was thinking that maybe we could go on a date all day today and not use our phones unless we are taking photos" she said

"Well what would you like to do" i asked 

"Eating, Touring just having time to ourselves" she smiled

I kissed her before she let go of me.

"Well sounds nice but i'm sorry Yunia i promised Yongguk i would get on that song he is making and i have to practice my line" i said

The frown showed up on her face she grabbed her backpack.

"Okay if you have time call me" she said

She looked down i went to talk to her but the door closed.


I walked out of the building the fans started to look at me whispering things about me.I had kept walking not caring i sighed and took the ring out of my pocket.It was a promise ring.

"I'll never get a chance to give this to you" i said

My phone was ringing it was my father i rejected the call i will never forgive him for what he has done.Someone stood in front of me i seen her she was tall and fit she had on a dress that could cost a lot.

"You are with Jongup i do no approve of it" she said

I passed by her.

"Let me be" i said 

She grabbed me into an alley way and pushed me on the ground.

"You have a lot to learn" she said

I begged for Jongup to help me but i knew there was no hope.


Ri fixed the pillow under my head she smiled as she gave me some food and some water with some pill.

"Take this pill after you eat and make sure you drink plenty of water" she smiled

"Wait you did this you hurt me to begin with" i gripped her wrist

"No D-Daehyun i would never" she said

"You are lying, In the car to the hospital you put something in my drink thinking i wouldn't see it, You hired someone to try and put a shot in my IV you stood up to make you look like a hero when really that shot was meant for me" i said

She pulled away.

"I would never do that to you" she said

"You would and you did" i said

The police pulled out and grabbed her she fake cried i knew what was happening this entire time.


"Chanyeol are you really ending us" i said

"Mia i fell out of love with you it was the only way" he said


"M-Minah you're back" Sarah said

"Yeah and i don't care after the guys told me everything i really thought we were friends but i guess it was all a lie" i said 

She frowned.

"Yes i know i did wrong but i can explain give me time" she said

We sat at the cafe table.

"Fine explain" i said 

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