Chapter 17 |Falling apart|

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I had woke up in the morning my head hurt i looked on the table beside me to see water, a pill and a note.I opened the note to read it.

Dear Himchan, I know you're gonna wake up with a headache from drinking and you did call me some rude things.I know i am fat but there was no reason for you to remind me.I went to the store i'll be back- Soomin

"Himchan you fucked up" i said to myself


"Hello" the police said

"Hi sir" i said

"So we looked into this person's profile and she is into Yongguk so much she followed him to America" he said

"Wait so she is a fan and really obsessed with Yongguk so she followed him she must be someone that knew i was having our child" i said

"We will do everything we can to catch her" he said

He walked out the room i looked at Yongguk's pale face.He was looking at something as i turned my head my whole face went pale.


I hugged Yunia.

"I don't want you to leave for work" she whined

"I know i don't wanna go but i have to" i said

Her phone was ringing as she was talking on the phone her entire eyes were happy.She jumped up and down.

"I get to train you until Yongguk comes back" she smiled


"You look cute" i said

The girls will be training us Yeri was getting ready and i was waiting for her.

"Well Youngjae this will be fun" she said

"It will i will be waiting outside" i said

I walked out and sat by her door waiting for her just as i was i seen Sarah.

"Are you following me leave me alone" i said

"Youngjae hear me out i am so sorry please i am" she said

Yeri walked outside she sat beside me.

"I was told about you, You must be Sarah the girl who hurt him and moved on so fast well i have something to tell you" she smirked

"What" Sarah said

"You are to not step foot here in front of my yard and you are not to talk to Youngjae it's people like you who break the good ones heart, He is so sweet you see him for his fame if only girls like you would leave him alone he would be happy" she said 

Sarah went to hit Yeri and i got in the way.

"She is right Sarah we are not meant and i do not want you it is time to leave" i said

(?)  |This person will be unknown for now|

I sat in the car.

"Did you hurt her tell me you made it one good hit" he laughed

"No dad i hired someone to hit Minah but this isn't over" i grinned 

"Good now go and harm Daehyun more" he said 

I was doing his dirty work.

"You know dad i can harm Daehyun more with this shot i put it in his IV and he falls out it won't kill him" i smirked

He nodded.


Ri had brought me food we were eating.

"You can't perform for awhile the doctor says that you seem to of gotten sick from something in your drink" she said

A nurse walked in the room.


The nurse walked in she smiled and looked at Daehyun but something was wrong with it.

"Hello Daehyun" she said 

I had looked in her pocket of her nurse jacket and she had a shot in it.It wasn't just a normal shot she pulled it out.

"Okay Daehyun this will be going into your IV" she said

I had knocked it out her hand i pushed her to the ground.

"Who the hell are you and why are you here" i asked

"Let me go" she said

I twisted her arm.

"You were gonna kill him weren't you" i said 

"Get off i was not gonna kill him it's part of my job" she said

"That shit does not work with me" i said

She pushed me off and started running i grabbed the shot and ran after her.I was chasing her she went down the stairs.I jumped on her back and put the shot in her arm.She closed her eyes i called the police.Once they came they picked her up.

"You didn't save his life she was a nurse it was her job she wasn't trying to hurt him the IV had too be switched out anyways" she said

"No it was no normal shot i love him and i would save him and i did my job now give me the papers we are leaving i'll take care of him myself" i said


We were getting ready to dance as we were practicing i had seen Wendy reading a book.Jongup was talking to Yunia and Himchan wasn't here he was buying things to make Soomin forgive him.Daehyun was still sick and Yongguk went to America.The manager walked in the practice room the girls looked at him.

"Where the hell is Yongguk and Daehyun and why is Himchan not here yet, ever since you guys met these girls you haven't been doing what you need to do stop playing around, You think this is a playground it isn't i want these girls out of here and now" he said

"Wait Daehyun is sick because of you, Yongguk went to America for Minah and there unborn child and Himchan went to be a man and have the guts to tell someone sorry maybe if you did more than get on your phone you would see how hard we were working" i said 

Everyone looked at me.

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