Chapter 47 |Loves hard|

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|Ri's pov|

We waited at the table for the rest of them we got a party table which meant we could all sit sat it. I waited and suddenly the door opened and everyone showed up everyone but Minah which made me sad. 

"Hey guys" I smiled

"Hey" Soomin said

Once they all sat down I introduced them to my members i pulled out my phone texting Minah.

Ri: Hey Are you coming or not?

Minah: I wish i could show up but something happened at work and I'm at the hospital right now

Ri: Oh my god is everything okay?

Minah: Yeah it wasn't me who got injured it was someone else so i can't show up but text me later the doctor is here!

I sighed.

"Minah isn't showing she said she is at the hospital with someone who got injured" i said 

"It wasn't her" Yongguk asked

"No" i smiled 

|Minah's pov|

"Well it's purple and very big so i think due to this injury he must stay off his foot and he can't dance so any upcoming performances or interviews he has to miss" the doctor explained

"I understand so what do we do" i asked

"Put it up on a pillow and put some ice on it but if it gets worse he'll have to comeback if he feels pain I will give you some cream to numb his pain so I will be going and I'll be back with the paperwork and cream" the doctor walked out

I sighed looking at him.

"You will be coming to my apartment" i said

"Why" Inseong asked

"Look at your foot you can't work on this, I am a staff member and your friend also the fans won't be in front of the company or trying to get to you and you can be in my apartment I'll take care of you until it heals" i explained 

"Fine" he said 

The doctor walked in I signed the paperwork and took the cream he let me take a wheelchair just to get Inseong to the car. I opened the van door and helped him in before takin the wheelchair back. Once we headed to my apartment I helped him upstairs to the bedroom.

"Now Inseong" I said putting the pillow under his foot

"You can sit on the bed and watch tv on the laptop just call my name and I'll be sure to help you also I'll go ahead and make us dinner" I said walking to the kitchen

|Jongup's pov|

We were eating and making jokes I could see in Daehyun's eyes he didn't wanna be here with her. Which I felt kind of bad that we forced him to be here in the same place with her. 

"Hey" I said looking over at Daehyun

"You can go back to the dorm since you look uncomfortable we shouldn't have forced you to come" I said

"No it's okay I honestly don't mind being here since she looks happier without me, I think I wanna find someone else to date" he said

"I can set you up on a date with someone I know but she moved to America" I smiled

"Really" he said

I nodded my head.

"Great" he said 

The look on Ri's face made her look guilty and she doesn't seem so happy but at the same time it could have been her drinking with the guys too much.

|Minah's pov|

It was 1 in the morning now and currently raining I was sleeping on the couch when all of sudden I heard a thud. I raised up and see Inseong on the floor.

"What are you doing trying to get out of the bed at this time" I asked

"I'm hungry and I didn't wanna burden you since you went to sleep" he said 

I helped him up and took him to the bedroom.

"I'll make you some food" I smiled

I heard a knock I sighed and opened the door to see Yongguk.

"Hey come outside please" he said 

I closed the door standing outside watching the rain fall.

"What is it I have to make Inseong something to eat" I said 

"You should have came to dinner to meet her members because to be honest everyone was waiting for you" he said 

"Yongguk get to the real point" I said

"When I ask you this answer me" he said

"I am" I said 

"Do you......Do you have feelings for Inseong" he asked 

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