Chapter 10 |Goodbye|

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|I did use 2ne1's goodbye song if you wanna listen to it and read you can|

I had woken up to see no Sarah but a note on the table.

Dear Minah, I went out with Youngjae this morning to go shopping if you need anything call me i already packed your bags have a great time in America- xoxo Sarah

I sighed and walked in the room to grab some clothes to wear i showered i brushed my hair i heard knocking.I sighed even bigger this time before opening the door.

"Soomin what are you girls doing here" i asked

"You have to stay safe everyone is looking for you and worse they could be trying to hurt you all the fans are going crazy we have to protect you" Ri said

They turned around a field full of angry fans looked at me they pushed me in the bedroom making me lock the door.Glass and everything was breaking they fucked up the house.


I went to walk in the house when I saw fans fighting some other girls one girl got pushed towards me I held her.

"Are you okay?" I asked

"Oh Jongup I'm sorry my name is Yunia I am part of the B.A.P Protection club you should get out of here before they s-"

"IT'S JONGUP" someone yelled

Yunia pulled me by my arm and ran off with me we ran and ran my legs started hurting.

"Hop on my back," she said

I did as she said and we ran to the park when we made it we were hiding behind the bushes before everyone saw us.When they ran past us and far we got out.

"Thank you so much," I said

"Well that's my job isn't it" she smiled

"Yunia you saving me was like the best thing ever i am so happy you were able to help me out on this i don't know how to thank you even more" i smiled back

"Well i love helping out and i am a super huge fan of you guys but i am not like most of them i don't freak out i see you as a normal guy" she said

I rubbed my neck before looking at her in the eyes again.

"How about i take you out to the movies tonight to thank you" i said

"I would really love that can i invite my friends maybe we could go together and everyone else can come along" She said

I nodded she walked away and thanked me i guess you could say i'm catching feelings.


The fans ended up leaving i called the police on them and they quickly left i looked around the vase was broke and the feathers from the couch pillow were everywhere.Some plates were broke i had looked at the girls.

"Thanks for helping me out and protecting me" i said

"No need to thank us we do what we do with love so you can go to your flight and we will clean up" they said

I walked out the house and got a uber to the airport when i arrived i paid him with a tip and left.I seen a man in a black-suit.

"Bang Yongguk said he couldn't see you off so he wanted me to give this to you but he said you can't open it until you make it through nursing" the man said


I had watched her take it she walked in the airport i hugged her.

"I couldn't see you leave but i wanted him to give it to you i hope you make it" i smiled

She nodded her head and hugged me before walking off and getting on the plane i watched it fly off as she was out of my sight.
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