Chapter 3 |The News|

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It was night time and I was sitting in my bed reading a book I had notice my phone going off.It was Yongguk.

I got your number I guess that night we you know! Anyways I hope your doing okay?

Yes I am doing good just a bit dazy and all but I'll be okay! What about you don't you have practice tomorrow?

Yeah! But the boys are asleep right now everyone but me I mean it isn't anything new for me as the leader I go to sleep late and wake up early

Well I hope everything goes good for you I really do go to sleep you don't need to be all tired tomorrow!!!

The text never came back I'm just gonna say he went to sleep already.I turned my light off and went to sleep.A little later I woke up all sweaty I ran to the bathroom and threw cold water on my face.

"Are you okay"  Sarah asked

I shook my head she grabbed her keys and quickly helping me downstairs.My legs wobbled a bit but we made.

"I'm hurting in a way" I said

She nodded and put me in the car she got in and drove quickly to the hospital.Once we pulled up she walked in signing the paper quickly. Couple minutes of her calming me down from feeling the way I was the doctor walked towards me.I walked to the back going thru all the checkups.

"Minah I hope you'll be okay" Sarah said

"Don't we all" I said

We talked when the doctor walked in smiling.

"Well Minah you are super healthy and you're super fine but when is the last time you slept with someone" he asked

"Well I slept with someone like yesterday" I said

"Explains! Well congratulations Lee Minah we got you're results and you're at the early stage of pregnancy"  he said

I fell down on the bed and Sarah cheered.

"Bang Yongguk hit a homerun thank god my wish came true" She said

She stopped cheering looking for her phone and she pulled it out i stopped her.

"What" she said

"I'll tell them all at once just please don't call any of them for now I'll go home and sleep" i said


I nodded we walked out with her papers and i was happy she seemed super nervous.The way home she passed out due to being tired so i got my phone and called Youngjae.

Youngjae:Hey why are you up?

Sarah:I would ask you also but that's not the point let's all meet at the cafe by noon and don't bring Yongguk

Youngjae:Sorry but I'm gonna be busy

Sarah:okay well I'm gonna break it down to you now we went to the hospital and Minah is pregnant

Youngjae:That's amazing but look I'll give you a heads up never speak to anyone who ask girl or guy, Be sure no one finds out cause she'll be in danger

He hung up i thought about it the fans his family the fans will attack Minah if they knew.I woke her up and she got out the car we walked in the house and right to our rooms.

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