Chapter 28 |The Gender/Surprise|

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|Yongguk's pov|

It's been a couple weeks and it's been great today we will be finding out the gender to the baby and we got a test yesterday.The baby does belong to me which makes me happy and B.A.P is shopping for the baby.I was so happy to finally figure out our baby's gender.

"Could you make sure everything is straight" she said

I nodded my head Sarah was gone and went to the police but i was sad that she would do something.Himchan and Soomin were doing good themselves.Daehyun and Ri ended up dating now along with Youngjae and Yeri.Jongup and Yunia are planning on getting married someday in life.Zelo is better and Wendy let's him sleep at her dorm now so everything is going well.

"Everything is clean and straight and i made sure you were in good hands" i smiled

I helped her up i bought us a new house but we haven't put in anything until we figure out the gender.She was happy about growing a garden in the backyard my life was going well which made me happy.

"Let's go" she said

We got in the company van and went to the doctor i told them that she was gonna be with me i didn't care if they liked her or not.She was the mother of my child and i would do anything for her.

"I'm so happy what if it's boy" she asked

"We name it" i kissed her

"Or if it's a boy you name him if it's a girl i name her" she said

"I agree" i said

We pulled up to the place she walked inside the woman seemed very shocked.

|Minah's pov|

"Okay so i have something to tell you both which means Minah you might wanna sit down" she said

I had took a seat Yongguk held my hand.

"TWINS" she smiled

I was so shocked i nearly passed out from the news but Yongguk was there to catch me.

"So we can figure out the genders and name them" he smiled

She nodded before giving us the paper and pen to sign in i was so happy.

"I'm so happy" he smiled

I was happy he was happy and his smile was everything.

|Soomin's pov|

I was trying not to eat i felt already like a pig and eating wasn't helping me the words from high school played in my mind.I wasn't the best but i never blended in with everyone i was never a cheerleader. 


I wiped my eyes and looked into the mirror and all i see is a pig someone who is picked on at school.I just got picked on by the cheerleaders why must this happen to me.

"Hey Fatty" Lee said

Her friends laughed with her why does she get so much love for being mean when all i ever done was be nice.I wanted to hit her but what's the use only so i could get hit.

"Hey i'm talking to you bitch" she pushed me

"Leave her alone" a couple girls said

They pushed Lee and her friends back stood in front of me with their arms crossed i smiled a little.

"I said leave her alone" one said

"Why? are you willing to get your ass whooped right here and right now" she said

"More like we will whoop all of your asses so leave her alone or i swear i will whoop you right here and right now" one smiled

Lee rolled her eyes and got closer slapping one she quickly turned back to Lee and punched her.She was beating Lee why her other friends were helping the girl ripped off her cheer outfit.

"You slept with every guy at this school what now?, It's not like they haven't seen your body before so girls move on or i swear next time i we will do it worse" she said

Lee's friends covered her the best they could as they walked out the girl threw her cheer suit in the trash.

"Hey don't worry we have always hated Lee feels good that our friend whooped her ass by the way i'm Mia" she said

"I'm Yeri" the one who whooped her said

"Soomin" i said

"Well Soomin we like you trust me we aren't as bad as you think we are so how about we hang out i am pretty much rich out of everyone we can go shopping" she said

I nodded my head.

"I'm Ri, i came all the way from Japan just to live here" she smiled

I thanked them and quickly walked out with them meeting my now good group of friends.

|End Flashback|

I started to eat because of them i got my life and happiness back so who cares what anyone has to say.

|Minah's pov|

We waited for him to announce what it was Yongguk looked at the screen our babies were beautiful.He held my hand tightly the doctor smiled and gave us a look.

"So glad to announce it but would you like to know it now or no" he said 

"Now" i said

"Congrats on your beautiful baby boy and baby girl" he said

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