Chapter 15 |Love isn't over|

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It was a new day in America i had woken up in a hospital bed i felt pain in my stomach.Someone gripped my hand tightly i looked over to a sleeping Yongguk i patted his head.

"What" he woken up

He smiled.

"You're awake" he said

"Yeah" i smiled back

Cops walked in they had a Cop who could speak.

"Okay Minah can you tell us what happened" he said

"I was getting ready to leave i was sitting in front of the nursing building and i was ready to sleep suddenly this girl in a mask hits me in the stomach and leaves a note before walking off" i said 

He wrote everything thing and walked out with the rest after talking to Yongguk for awhile the doctor walked in.

"Okay honey you both need to sit down for this story i have some news about the baby" he said


It was another freezing night in Korea and Yongguk went to America so i know it is day over there.I waited for Yunia to show up she did but she was wearing shorts and a over-sized shirt.Her eye was purple and her lip was busted she had a bruise on her cheek.

"What happened" i asked

"Fans caught me hanging out with you and well they beat me up i think it's best if i stay away from you" she said

"No Yunia please you can't no one has ever made me feel free in my life no one but you" i said

I pulled her in a tight hug she wrapped her arms around me and i kissed her forehead i then rested my chin on the top of her head.

"Yunia i know i haven't known you forever but you can't leave my life now i need someone like you without you how would life be" i said

"I know" she said into my chest

"Ignore the fans" i smiled

"Jongup" she pulled away

"Yes" i smiled

"I like you and now that i got to know the real you and not the idol but the person underneath i see that i love you and i wanna date you because you make me happy" she said

I kissed her and she smiled once we pulled away i wrapped her up in my jacket and picked her up bridal style.I kissed her again and walked off.

"I love you too Yunia" i said


I held Minah tight she cried in my chest.

"I'm sorry but even though it wasn't a full grown baby it still didn't make it" he said

She continued to cry in my chest.

"Hey don't worry i wanna cry but i have to stay strong for you" i said

The nurse ran in the room with papers.

"Sorry sir but um you have someone else's papers Minah is fine and it did make it you have someone's papers" she smiled

Minah stopped crying and smiled she looked at me and kissed me.

"Thank god our baby will be just fine" she said 

"I know i am so happy that it made it now how about we make another one" i smirked

"Mr.Bang you're testing me" she smirked

"They don't call me bang for nothing i hit a home run" i said

"You little shit get back here" she chased me around

We both laughed as we ran i see a future with her i see a family.


I woke up in sweat i was hot and i felt like i was gonna pass out as i got out of bed i lost my balance. 

"Daehyun" Zelo said

He ran over.

"You need to go to the hospital stay here" he said

After sitting on the floor with Himchan trying to calm me down Ri ran in the room.

"Oh my god" she hugged me and pulled away

"You need to go to the hospital i don't want you to be sick come on you have to get up before i start crying" she said

I thought she was joking but she did start crying.

"Okay i'll go" i said

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