Chapter 44 |Just us|

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|3rd person's pov|

Everyone was going there ways Minah was gonna be at the concert tomorrow night, Wendy is still in the hospital and Zelo was holding her hand. Yeri and Youngjae was drinking at her house and watching TV's. Yunia was at her house with a bloody face and a bruised and broke arm still whimpering in pain. Soomin finally found a job and would be starting tomorrow. Mia and Youngjae hit it off and he would be meeting her tomorrow for the second time.

|Zelo's pov|

The doctor walked in and I stood up.

"Hello" I smiled

"Hello are you her caretaker or have anything special with her" he asked

"I'm her boyfriend her friend called me to let me know she was here and I rushed as quick as I could" I explained

"Well nice to meet you" he shook my hand

I sat back down.

"Wendy passed out because it's getting worse and the only way to fight this is to stay in the hospital, She'll need a lot of meds and everything to stay alive but if you would sign this paper that means you do allow us to do surgery" he said

"What is the surgery for" I asked grabbing the paper from his hands

"All of this is in her body and with surgery we could remove it and she could be healthy but it a life or death no one has survived this surgery but she might have a chance but not just that this surgery includes thousands of dollars" he said

"I will take that chance and I will pay for the surgery and everything as long as I know we can stop this that's all that matters" I said

He passed me a pen and I signed in giving the paper and pen back to him.

"Thank you" he said walking out

|Yunia's pov|

I will never in my life fight that crazy bitch again she broke my arms and I have a bloody face I have to go to the doctor. The knock at the door startled me and I looked out the window. It was Jongup I sighed opening the door. 

"Hi l-, Oh my god what happened" he dropped the flowers rushing inside

"Nothing babe" I said

"Your arm is bruised and your face is bloody and you mean to tell me nothing" he said

"Fine a fan and me got in a fight she did break and bruise my arms and hit me in the face badly but she got the same treatment"  I said 

"Fighting is pointless baby and I hate to see you hurt so when we get done with the doctor we'll cuddle and sleep, After work tomorrow we can go buy stuff for Yongguk hyung's babies" he said

What did I do to deserve such a man.

|Yeri's pov|

"Hey it's getting boring in here let's turn on some music" I said

I turned on some music and towards to Youngjae it was 'Crazy, sexy, cool' by Astro.

"What" he laughed

"Come on dance with me" I said

He put his drink down and started to dance with me which we were having fun doing so as he was dancing with me I felt happy. I haven't had this much fun in my life. We kept dancing and have a blast. I took his hands and swung them back and forth. The song ended and we sat down on the couch laughing.

"I haven't had this much fun in forever with anyone money doesn't bring me happiness" I said

"I feel like I finally got to live" he smiled

"Thanks" I said

"Why are you thanking me" he asked 

"In my life I really had no one but money and now I have you and can smile it's fun being with you Youngjae and that's why I think we should move in with each other" I said

"Really?" he stood up

"You seem to hate it" I looked down

He lifted up my head and gave me the sweetest smile.

"No silly I love that idea we can move my stuff in tomorrow" he said 

I kissed him.

"You really are the one for me" I smiled 

"Yeah I know" he chuckled

"Don't get cocky Youngjae or you'll never get a gift from me" I said

"But you get one from me" he started to kiss me

|Soomin's pov|

The loud club music bumped making me nervous I came here to find Himchan because I haven't seen him. Youngjae told me he would be here but I just can't seem to find him anywhere not even in the crowd. 

"Hey cutie want to have a couple drinks with us" a guy asked

"I'm not in the mood for drinks and I can't drink I'm pregnant" I said 

"Those kids shouldn't matter" he stepped closer

"They do" I said 

"Whatever I think you are an amazing girl and you deserve the world and right now no matter how you refuse I'll get what I want" he dragged me out 

My back hitting the brick wall outside the club.

"You will be a fun night for me" he smirked 

Soon I heard a thud and looked to see the man on the ground and Himchan walking my way.

"Baby are you okay" he asked

"I went in there to find you because Youngjae said you would be there and honestly this man came up with his friends and I declined the drink offer" I said 

"I was in there thank god I came out....Let's go home and get some rest" he helped me up

"But before we go can we stop for ice cream" I asked

"Anything for you" he took my hand in his

I was lucky to have him.

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