Chapter 21 |It was a mistake|

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I waited for Daehyun to say something he looked down as he started talking.

"Yongguk i'm sorry" he said

I was angry i couldn't help it.

"I'm so sorry, I did sleep with her and i know it was a mistake" he said

I punched Daehyung across the face.

"Leave me alone" i said


"Okay so i cooked you some food and cleaned the house since a bit of it was dirty" Jongup said

"Thank you" i said

He grabbed some cream for my cuts and a bandage.He started to doctor them and put ice on my bruises.

"You should be more careful i have something i'm gonna tell the fans today and i want this to stop they aren't real fans we aren't dating, I'm not there daddy or anything i belong to Yunia a smart, talented, wife material girl" he smiled at me

"Why, Wife material" i asked

"Because you are, We could have a family in the future, our kids playing in the backyard, me coming home to a meal, being able to back-hug you when you're cooking, Kissing you when i want, our kids sleeping with us, me being able to cuddle you, sing songs, i see a future with you" he said 

I smiled at him.


I went to meet Yongguk at the cafe because he wanted to talk to me about something.I was busy moving the rest of my stuff in with Mia.

"You wanted to see me" i sat in the chair

"Yes, You aren't having my baby i know that" he said 

"W-What do you mean i only did anything with you" i said 

"Lies once again, Daehyun told me he slept with you so this baby belongs to him not me, I want you to know that you hurt me and let my hopes of finally being a father down i'm hurt by it" he said 

I looked down.

"That never happened i know for sure we never did anything tog-"

"Save it Minah i will support you in being a mother and Daehyun being a father, i can't take a place for something that isn't mine it needs it's real father" he said 

I stood up and hugged Yongguk.

"I talked to Sarah today" i said

"What did she say" he asked

"Well she told me why she broke Youngjae's heart" i said 

(Couple hours ago)

"It started off like this i went to a party without telling anyone, Youngjae went with me though and it was fun, I noticed he was talking to a girl it made me a bit mad but i can't stop him because he has friends" she said 

I nodded.

"So i started talking to this guy who seemed to be a sweet guy but he couldn't beat Youngjae if he wanted to" she smiled a little

I just looked at her.

"Okay well to make a long story short i guess i sort of was falling for this guy and i have been talking to him i texted him the night Youngjae missed our date, Yes you have a right to call me a hoe and some whore but it felt right and in the end i see how happy he is and i want him" she said 

"That's not you wanting to have him back that's you not wanting to see him happy, You feel like you love him and it hurts to see him with someone that isn't you, We can be friends and hangout whenever but just stop hurting him and let him move on like you did" i said 

"Wait i went over to his house we talked and he told me if i moved in with him i could be his one and only so i packed up, that night we slept with each other, The next day i broke his heart and it was wrong i was a just a one night stand to him" she said 

"Call me next time you wanna hangout just stop breaking my best friends heart" i said

(End couple hours ago)

"What a story look call Daehyun and ask him if he will pick you up" he said 

"Wait it isn't his i can prove it" i said 

"You slept with him and he had no problem with it so why can't you admit that it's true" he said angry

"It's true i did sleep with Daehyun one time but that doesn't mean he is the father, I can explain it i was stupid and hurt by everything, I felt like the world was on my shoulder i wasn't relaxed, So i called over Daehyun he said he would take the stress away and it happened" i said 

He kissed my forehead.

"I still love you and we are still together just give it some thought" he spoke softly

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