Chapter 45 |Just another sad day|

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|Minah's pov|

"You have to go wake up the members for this mission" the staff passed me a card

I took the card.

"Who did you share a room with" they asked

"There was 2 beds on one bed was Youngbin and Chani, On the other was me and Rowoon" I said 

"Okay don't wake them up we'll explain the mission" she said

I started to listen to them talk and explain it.

"You'll wake up all members but Youngbin, Chani and Rowoon, You and the guys have to find the credit card" one said

"Wait but isn't there a concert tonight" I asked

"Yes there is but during the day everyone does a mission" they said 

|Yongguk's pov|

The knock at the dorm door made me wake up and groan I rubbed my eyes and opened the door to see the guys.

"Yongguk we have some great news" Zelo said 

"We got you a bigger and better house" Youngjae said 

"Why did you guys get me a house" I asked

"The babies will be living with you and you'll need a house and after work today me and Yunia are going shopping for the babies" Jongup said 

|Soomin's pov|

"You must be Soomin" the woman said

"Yes ma'am" I said

"Well welcome, You'll be a waitress your uniform Is in the back always feel free to ask me something" she smiled

I walked to the back and changed into it this is my first day I can't mess up a couple walked in and I grabbed the menus walking to the table.

"Welcome, Would you like to try our new steak" I asked

"No thank you ma'am but could we get some wine any kind darling" she smiled

"Yes" I walked away 

I grabbed the wine and walked back to the table.

"I feel like I have seen you somewhere" the woman said

"Probably but it's so hard when we all see millions of faces" I smiled

"True" the man said

|Ri's pov|

I kept playing my guitar when I heard the door open and I seen Momo.

"Hello" I smiled

"Hello" she smiled

"Can I help you" I asked 

"No I just heard you playing and thought you were really good" she said

"Oh thank you" I said

She sat beside me.

"I would love to get to know you" she smiled

|Minah's pov|

"Oh my this is so good" Chani said stuffing his face full of food

"Be careful or you'll choke" Rowoon told him

"I woke you guys up because I knew you would be hungry and thanks to Hwiyoung I found the credit card" I said 

"No problem, Have you called Yongguk" Hwiyoung looked at me

"I tried but he never seems to pick up nothing special between us anymore so it feels pointless" I said 

"Try" Taeyang said

"We do so many times we just aren't meant and I can understand that so much" I said 

Soon I got a text from Daehyun.

Daehyun: Hey Minah, We hope you're having a good time and keeping yourself out of trouble. Are you busy tonight.

Minah: Yeah, I am going to the concert with Sf9 and I'm doing just fine thank you for checking on me, Have you talked to Yongguk?

Daehyun: We'll be working today with each other silly, Is something wrong he needs to be aware of? The babies are okay right?

Minah: Of course Daehyun stop worrying and please tell Yongguk to call me

Daehyun: You got it bye

Minah: Bye

I put my phone down and sighed.

"Is everything okay" Taeyang asked

"No.....Yongguk is taking the kids when they get born until I can learn how to be normal and I will just let him have them....They are better off without him and besides maybe he is right.....They shouldn't be with me" I said

"Minah what is something you wanna do if he does end up having them" Hwiyoung asked

"Live freely but I have done that enough times" I said

"You could be a staff for us" Zuho smiled

"I will see what I can do" Youngbin said 

|Yongguk's pov|

I picked up my phone and texted Minah.

Yongguk: Hey is the babies okay?

Minah: Yes they are fine you will get news if anything happens to your babies

Yongguk: You mean our babies

Minah: No I mean your babies, You deserve them

She didn't text back after that so I guessed maybe she didn't wanna talk about this right now.

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