Chapter 5 |I'll protect you|

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The dinner was nice my family really seemed to like the guys but i really didn't wanna throw it out so forward.

"This Daehyun is a funny one" my dad said

I gotta find the words to tell them suddenly i looked at Yongguk.

"You should tell them" i said

He nodded getting out of his seat everyone looked at him.

"I have some news....Minah is pregnant and I'm the father" he said

My mom and dad jumped out of there seats my dad walking towards me.

"That's a no this is a joke" my dad said

"Dad i really am he isn't telling a lie and we aren't even together it was more of a one night stand" i said

"We had this talk now what will we do with this baby it won't even be loved" My mom said

"Get rid of the baby" My dad said

Yongguk got in front of me.

"She will not get rid of our baby I'll take care of it you have no say so in our child" he said

I was crying i didn't wanna get rid of it i was gonna love it and knew Yongguk would also.

"You need to leave now you caused nothing but trouble" he said

"We will my baby and her won't ever be back here ever again I'll protect her and I'll protect our child I'll love her as much as I'll love our child" Yongguk said

The guys walked out i was still crying i fight for my family's love and they never give it.I thought maybe they would be happy for me but no i only became a disappoint.

"Hey Minah don't cry I'll protect you and our baby from this world as much as i can" he smiled

He pulled me into a hug and stroked my hair.

"Don't cry you are to beautiful to cry, Is there anything you need me to do" he asked

"Can you guys stay w-with me" i asked

"Yes anything for you" he said

He drove to the house and picked me up Jongup knocked on the door.Sarah opened it Youngjae telling her the story.

"I think you need a warm bubble bath and you need to go to bed" he said

I walked upstairs and started a bath i made some bubbles and got into the bathtub.

"Uh here are some pajamas i found for you" Yongguk said

He covered his eyes.

"Don't worry you can open them I'm covered in bubbles" i said

He giggled and smiled at me.

"I'll just be out here" he said

"No take a bath with me if you're the father of my child we should be dating" i said

"You have a point" he giggled

He got in the bathtub with me and we talked and laughed he really cleared my mind on things.Later on we both got dressed he kissed my cheek.

"Goodnight" he said

"Goodnight" i said

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